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Lesson 1 (from Chapters 1-3)


Roal Dahl was the author of "The BFG." The aim of this lesson is to examine Dahl's life and writing.


Class Discussion: How did Dahl describe what it was like writing a book? Where did he say that he got his ideas? What was his schedule for writing? How did he write books that he knew children would like? What would Dahl do to create interesting characters? What was Dahl's first published work, and when was it written? What influenced his writing? What did he say were important for an author to have and to do?

Activity: Create a chart or poster that shows these things: books Dahl had written, any awards he won for writing, what critics say about his writing, and what different genres he wrote in.

Assignment: Use research to find biographical information about the author. Write a short biography of his...

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