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Boy: Tales of Childhood

Read Dahl's autobiography. Then write a short autobiographical sketch of something that happened in your life, which helps you relate to something in Dahl's life.

Ronald Dahl Museum and Story Center

Create a brochure for visitors to the Ronald Dahl Museum and Story Center.


Create a glossary of words that the BFG uses.


Use a Venn diagram to compare how you learned to read with how the BFG learned to read. Which method would have been easier--yours or his? Write your thoughts on the back of the Venn diagram.

Dreams and Nightmares

Discuss with a group your worst nightmare and favorite dream. Are they similar to the nightmare or dream mentioned in the novel?


Create a diorama of the BFG's cave.

On the Scene

Imagine that you are a television news reporter and create a report on what happens when the...

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