The BFG Character Descriptions

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This character is an eight-year-old girl who lives in an orphanage. She is kidnapped by a friendly giant, and together they save the world from cannibalistic giants.


This character is a Big Friendly Giant who is half as tall as other giants, and who does not eat humans; instead, he is kind to them.

The Bloodbottler

This character thinks that there is a human in the dream-blower giant’s cave, and he comes to eat her.

The Fleshlumpeater

This character is the biggest and meanest giant who is given a nightmare and who would like to eat the ruler of a country.

The Bonecrusher

This character is a giant who loves eating Turks from Turkey because they taste like turkeys.

The Childchewer

This giant captures children on the beach and he prefers to eat them because they are more tender than grandmothers.

The Meatdripper

This character...

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