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Chapters 1-3

• An especially brilliant moonbeam is keeping Sophie awake.

• Even though she can get punished for being out of bed, she goes to look out the window of the room where she is sleeping.

• The world is exceptionally quiet, and she wonders if it is the witching hour.

• Someone told her that the witching hour is a time when people are asleep in the middle of the night, and all the dark things come out of hiding and have the world to themselves.

• Sophie sees something black, tall, and very thin.

• As she watches, she realizes it is a Giant.

• She sees the giant take something from a suitcase, put it in a trumpet-shaped object, and blow it in the room where the Goochey children sleep.

• The Giant notices Sophie, and she dives into her bed and hides under her blanket.

• Sophie sneaks a peak from under...

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