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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is strange about the cat that Edward finds in his yard?
(a) It has no tail.
(b) It only has one eye.
(c) It is bald.
(d) It has a lump on its face.

2. Why do Stag and his friend go to see Madame Rosette?
(a) To fire her from their service.
(b) To free the women working for her.
(c) To blackmail her.
(d) To get her help in finding a woman.

3. What is Madame Rosette's occupation?
(a) A bartender.
(b) A brothel owner.
(c) A maid.
(d) A governess.

4. What job does a stranger offer Drioli to do?
(a) Show him the difference between real and fake art.
(b) Remind him of humble origins.
(c) Walk around displaying his back.
(d) Take him to meet Soutine.

5. How does Edward dispose of the bramble bushes in his yard?
(a) He uses a mulcher.
(b) He poisons them.
(c) He cuts them up and sells the wood.
(d) He throws them on a bonfire.

6. What does William choose to do to slow down the ship?
(a) Weight down the engine.
(b) Pretend to see an iceberg.
(c) Distract the captain.
(d) Jump overboard.

7. Who helped Mike pick out the spot where he lets his wine breathe?
(a) His daughter.
(b) His wife.
(c) Richard.
(d) The narrator.

8. How does Mr. Foster like to torture his wife?
(a) He takes her to hospitals for benefits.
(b) He takes longer than needed to get ready.
(c) He pretends to need her help getting ready.
(d) He hides her purse.

9. Who was using the box when it was destroyed in "The Sound Machine?"
(a) Mrs. Saunders.
(b) Nobody.
(c) Scott.
(d) Klausner.

10. What does the gallery owner try to do when Drioli first comes in?
(a) Sell him a painting.
(b) Have him arrested.
(c) Shoot him for trespassing.
(d) Kick him out.

11. Where is Soutine from?
(a) Italy.
(b) Spain.
(c) France.
(d) Russia.

12. How old is Mike's daughter?
(a) 18.
(b) 19.
(c) 20.
(d) 17.

13. What war does "Madame Rosette" take place in?
(a) Korean.
(b) WWI.
(c) WWII.
(d) Vietnam.

14. What does Drioli ask Soutine to do on his back?
(a) Tattoo his wife's image.
(b) Work some acupuncture.
(c) Give him a massage.
(d) Paint a portrait in permanent ink.

15. What does Mike like to impress Richard with?
(a) Good wine.
(b) Fine food.
(c) All of these.
(d) Prestigious friends.

Short Answer Questions

1. What was on the face of the man whom Edward's wife believes is reincarnated as a cat?

2. What is William's occupation?

3. What is the man on the train platform with Perkins swinging around?

4. Why does Edward's wife think the cat is a reincarnated musician?

5. In "The Sound Machine," where does Klausner keep the box?

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