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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is Patrick Maloney's occupation in "Lamb to the Slaughter?"
(a) Judge.
(b) Prosecutor.
(c) Investigator.
(d) Policeman.

2. What is Stag's occupation?
(a) Courier.
(b) Cook.
(c) Pilot.
(d) Trainer.

3. Where does the Englishman meet the South American man?
(a) In the hotel.
(b) At the bar.
(c) By the pool.
(d) At the beach.

4. What is William's last name?
(a) Baker.
(b) Boitbol.
(c) Brookstead.
(d) Bolling.

5. What did Foxley used to beat Perkins with?
(a) A fire poker.
(b) A leather strap.
(c) His cane.
(d) Rocks.

6. Where does Klausner hear shrieks coming from?
(a) A garden plot.
(b) A tree.
(c) A mailbox.
(d) A flower bed.

7. Where does Stag lock Madame Rosette?
(a) A large trunk.
(b) Her office.
(c) A bathroom.
(d) Her closet.

8. How do Madame Rosette's employees feel after their run in with Stag and his friend?
(a) Embarrassed.
(b) Grateful.
(c) Angry.
(d) Confused.

9. Where is the Englishman vacationing in "Man from the South?"
(a) Haiti.
(b) Bermuda.
(c) Cuba.
(d) Jamaica.

10. How long has it been since Perkins has seen Foxley when he appears on the train platform?
(a) 30 years.
(b) 20 years.
(c) 50 years.
(d) 40 years.

11. What job does a stranger offer Drioli to do?
(a) Show him the difference between real and fake art.
(b) Remind him of humble origins.
(c) Walk around displaying his back.
(d) Take him to meet Soutine.

12. What do the passengers take bets on?
(a) The time when the storm will hit.
(b) The time when the storm will end.
(c) The time of the completed run.
(d) The number of people who will throw up.

13. What smashes Klausner's box?
(a) A metal wrench.
(b) A tree branch.
(c) A tire.
(d) An ax.

14. What rank does Stag's friend pretend to be when talking to Madame Rosette?
(a) Colonel.
(b) Sergeant.
(c) Captain.
(d) Lieutenant.

15. What does Stag collect from the people working for Madame Rosette?
(a) Their statements.
(b) Their names and addresses.
(c) Their phone numbers.
(d) Their pictures.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why do the three men chop up the Chippendale piece they own?

2. What is Scott's occupation in "The Sound Machine?"

3. What does Stag choose to find in Cairo to keep busy?

4. What is strange about the cat that Edward finds in his yard?

5. What is the man on the train platform with Perkins swinging around?

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