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Steven Levenkron
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the name that Francesca chooses for herself as she begins to make plans to lose weight?
(a) Tessa.
(b) Cessie.
(c) Nesca.
(d) Kessa.

2. What does Madame say is the most important thing a dancer needs in order to be a professional?
(a) A skinny torso.
(b) Determination.
(c) Healthy foods.
(d) Sleep.

3. What would cause Dr. Smith to begin to divulge the contents of Francesca's sessions, but not before?
(a) Hospitalization.
(b) When the parents start paying.
(c) When she asks him to.
(d) A month into therapy.

4. What time does Hal end up setting the first appointment with the doctor for?
(a) Thursday at 1:00pm.
(b) Friday at 1:00pm.
(c) Thursday at 9:00am.
(d) Friday at 9:00am.

5. What was Dr. Gordon thinking would happen to Francesca as Grace called her on the phone?
(a) She was going to fight too much.
(b) She was a confused kid.
(c) She was going to die.
(d) She wasn't that sick.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where was Francesca's sister living after she left college, which caused quite a scene in the family?

2. What had Francesca eaten for lunch in the time before her next appointment?

3. How much does Sandy ask Francesca to gain in terms of weight so that she can stay out of the hospital?

4. What does Francesca suddenly feel is too dirty and something that needs to be avoided in the morning?

5. One of the theories that Dr. Gordon shares with Grace about the cause of anorexia is that the girl is afraid of ____________.

Short Essay Questions

1. How does Dr. Smith intend to build a relationship with Francesca during their sessions together?

2. What does Grace find out when she takes Francesca for another doctor's appointment as a follow up?

3. From whom does Francesca get the advice to become thin and firm in order to look better?

4. What does the letter that Grace receives from Susanna have to say about her future plans?

5. Why does Francesca's dad become angry with Dr. Smith when he tries to call him?

6. When Francesca does not show up for one of her appointments with Sandy Sherman, what does Sandy call her to say?

7. What does Madame promise to Francesca after she notices her initial weight loss progress?

8. What has happened to Francesca's grades in school at this point of the story?

9. What makes Francesca's mother frightened for the health of her daughter at the start of this section?

10. What is Francesca's responsibility when it comes to her appointments with Dr. Smith?

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