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Steven Levenkron
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How early does Francesca call her mother and father the next day after her first night in the hospital?
(a) 10:00 am.
(b) 6:00 am.
(c) 9:00 am.
(d) 7:00 am.

2. Myrna used to do all of the _________ for the family until she went into the hospital, which seems odd for her condition.
(a) Cooking.
(b) Phone calls.
(c) Bathing.
(d) Working.

3. What did Gregg promise that he would do in order to support Francesca in her recovery?
(a) Nothing.
(b) Call her.
(c) Call a doctor friend of his.
(d) Visit her.

4. What kind of animal does Lila believe Francesca looks like now that she is so skinny?
(a) Ostrich.
(b) Giraffe.
(c) Cat.
(d) Zebra.

5. What does Hal decide to do in order to stop Francesca from trying to make them feel guilty?
(a) He yells at her.
(b) Calls Sandy.
(c) Takes the phone off the hook.
(d) He laughs.

6. Gregg tells Francesca, though it might not have been a good idea, for her to get "________ and happy and out of the hospital on the double."
(a) Bored.
(b) Well.
(c) Skinny.
(d) Fat.

7. How long was Myrna in the last hospital when she was getting too low in her weight?
(a) Two weeks.
(b) One year.
(c) One month.
(d) Seven months.

8. What does Francesca finally ask Lila when they are sitting together in their room?
(a) If she is crazy.
(b) If she likes her.
(c) If she is mad at her.
(d) If she thinks she can get better.

9. Where did Francesca say that she was when she was supposed to be served her lunch, so they forgot about her?
(a) Procedure room.
(b) Bathroom.
(c) Common room.
(d) Therapy.

10. Francesca begins to feel that she is drowning in a sea of ___________, and no one could understand it.
(a) Fear.
(b) Anger.
(c) Sadness.
(d) Boredom.

11. Francesca calls Sandy the ___________ person she's ever met, except for maybe Myrna.
(a) Strangest.
(b) Smartest.
(c) Craziest.
(d) Bossiest.

12. Myrna was actually able to convince two interns not to _____________ as her results were fine two days before.
(a) Take her blood pressure.
(b) Visit her in her room.
(c) Take her blood.
(d) Give her any medication.

13. Who used to come to stay with Myrna when her family member was in the hospital, though he/she was a 'wacko'?
(a) Uncle Roger.
(b) Aunt Harriet.
(c) Aunt Lucy.
(d) Uncle Joe.

14. What do the nurses in the ward call Francesca and others like her in the ward?
(a) Beanpoles.
(b) Skinnies.
(c) Thinnies.
(d) Anorexis.

15. What was the question Sandy had asked that woke Francesca up in the middle of the night? "Don't you want to see your _________?"
(a) Madame.
(b) Future.
(c) Family.
(d) Friends.

Short Answer Questions

1. Lila didn't really have a lot of patience with Francesca when her ____________ showed.

2. Francesca told herself in the mirror that she deserved to look like _________, that she was ugly inside and outside.

3. Myrna tells Francesca that she just likes to be the _______ on the ward, which makes Lila say that she must be on the psycho ward.

4. What did Francesca say happened to her during the middle of the night, though no one seemed to help her out?

5. What title did Dr. Jarvis bestow on Sandy, even though Francesca corrected him when he did?

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