The Best Little Girl in the World Fun Activities

Steven Levenkron
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Famous Anorexics

Have students do a report on one famous anorexic, giving as many details about his/her battle with this disease.

A Weight Loss Plan

In order for a student in the class to become as skinny as Kessa did, what would the student have to do? Have the student come up with an eating and exercise plan that would cause them to lose a lot of weight.

How Much Should Kessa Weigh?

Have students look up weight charts as well as a BMI chart to find out what Kessa should have weighed in order to be healthy.

Local Specialists in Anorexia and Other Eating Disorders

Have students come up with list of specialists in the local area who could help a person with an eating disorder.

Anorexia Treatment Centers

Looking around the globe, have students find three high quality eating disorder treatment centers, and find out...

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