The Best Little Girl in the World Character Descriptions

Steven Levenkron
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Francesca Dietrich

Throughout her life this character has given over center stage to her sister, and at fifteen, her feelings of not belonging manifest as anorexia.

Sandy Sherman

This character is a psychologist who happens to have a conversation with his patient's pediatrician regarding some recent cases of anorexia.

Hal Dietrich

This character has worked hard to provide for his children and is proud of that fact. He is accustomed to taking charge of situations and seems especially vulnerable when he admits that he can't solve his child's problems and agrees to seek medical help.

Grace Dietrich

This character herself seems insecure and a child truly in the shadow of her own mother. She admits to comparing herself to others - usually unfavorably.

Dr. Evelyn Gordon

This character is the physician who first suspects the main character is suffering from anorexia, though she doesn't immediately voice her concern...

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