The Best Little Girl in the World Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Steven Levenkron
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Chapters 1 through 3

• Francesca is admonished for not being firm and trim.

• Francesca begins to vomit to get rid of her dinner, losing four pounds the first week.

• Francesca is promised a spot in a prestigious ballet program.

• Francesca's mother takes her to the pediatrician, where she finds out she's lost ten pounds.

Chapters 4 through 6

• Francesca goes to a party, but hates all the alcohol and drugs, so she leaves early.

• Renaming herself Kessa, she begins to establish routines for herself.

• Kessa has lost seven more pounds in the next two weeks.

• Kessa goes to see a psychiatrist.

Chapters 7 through 9,

• Dr. Smith sees the family all at once.

• Kessa goes for six appointments, but then stops going.

• Kessa begins to do poorly in school.

• Dr. Waldman threatens to hospitalize Kessa if she doesn't gain weight.

Chapters 10 through 13

• Kessa has another appointment with Dr. Gordon, but misses it.

• Sandy Sherman...

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