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Short Answer Questions

1. What adjective would NOT be best used to describe a utilitarian person in "The Singer Solution to World Poverty"?

2. What complicated process is Conroy discussing in "Think About It"?

3. Who does Talese accompany to Cuba in "Ali in Havana"?

4. What does Updike say that men think about their bodies?

5. Why does the last part of Lopez's journey in "The Stone Horse" have to be traveled on foot?

Short Essay Questions

1. Explain why Muhammad Ali was a world icon in the essay "Ali in Havana."

2. Explain Hearne's reasons for the differences of human rights to those of a dog in the essay "What's Wrong With Animal Rights"?

3. What was the significance of Till's photos circulating and none of Byrd's in "Exquisite Corpse"?

4. Describe what Queenan thinks about American universities in "Matriculation Fixation"."

5. What does Updike say about the female body in "The Disposable Rocket"?

6. Describe Convoy's realization about 'sixths' in "Think About It."

7. What two things is Wills comparing in "The Dramaturgy of Death"?

8. What event happened that made Americans want to return to that slumber of isolation in "Who We Are"?

9. Describe Oates thoughts on the difference of a house and a home in the essay, "They All Just Went Away,."

10. What does Dickerson say about Johnny's assailant in "Who Shot Johnny?"

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

In the essays, "In Distrust of Movement" and "Think About It," what common concern are the authors pointing out? Support your argument with examples from the texts.

Essay Topic 2

"On Seeing England for the First Time" by Jamaica Kincaid discusses her relation of her nation's identity to England. Do you think your response to that superior country would be the same as Kincaid's or different? Explain.

Essay Topic 3

Describe the antagonist of "A Lovely Sort of Lower Purpose" by Ian Frazier.

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