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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What case do Conroy and Douglas discuss in "Think About It"?
(a) The 9/11 attack.
(b) The Dennis Case that dealt with the first amendment.
(c) The Bay of Pigs.
(d) The Robert-Grealy case .

2. What did Johnny do to be attacked in "Who Shot Johnny?"?
(a) He cut another driver off.
(b) He made an inappropriate gesture to another driver.
(c) He waved at a random car passing by.
(d) He bombed someone else' house.

3. Where is the Quechan stone monument in "The Stone Horse"?
(a) The California Dessert.
(b) Africa.
(c) Close to the Grand Canyon.
(d) Next to Yosimite National Park.

4. What does Wills compare this type of barbaric act to in "The Dramaturgy of Death"?
(a) To the Civil War.
(b) To the 60's lynchings.
(c) To a movie.
(d) To our own system of capital punishment.

5. What issue is Berry criticizing in "In Distrust of Movements"?
(a) The way we eat.
(b) The way people drive.
(c) The way American's see environmental problems.
(d) The way we recycle.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Dickerson think Johnny's assailant is doing in "Who Shot Johnny?"

2. What does Talese say about Ali in "Ali in Havana"?

3. Where is Kincaid a native of in the essay "On Seeing England for the First Time"?

4. Who was lynched in 1999 according to Rushdy in "Exquisite Corpse"

5. What does Updike say that men think about their bodies?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Williams say about deer in "The Killing Game"?

2. Why did Till's mother want his coffin to remain open in the essay "Exquisite Corpse"?

3. What two things is Wills comparing in "The Dramaturgy of Death"?

4. Describe the tone of Hodgman's essay "No Wonder They Call Me a Bitch,"

5. What does Convoy finally accept at the end of his essay "Think About It"?

6. How does Halberstam see America responding to war in the essay "Who We Are"?

7. What is utilitarianism according to Singer in "The Singer Solution to World Poverty"?

8. Why is the Quechan horse still intact, unlike the other archaeological monuments in "The Stone Horse" by Barry Lopez?

9. Explain why Muhammad Ali was a world icon in the essay "Ali in Havana."

10. Explain Hearne's reasons for the differences of human rights to those of a dog in the essay "What's Wrong With Animal Rights"?

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