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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What two categories does Steele place himself under in "On Being Black and Middle Class"?
(a) He is black and upper class.
(b) He is white and upper class.
(c) He is white and middle class.
(d) He is black and middle class.

2. Who does Queenan mention being successful in "Matriculation Fixation"?
(a) Attendees of top-tier schools.
(b) Finance majors.
(c) Himself.
(d) Attendees of middling universities.

3. What does Dickerson think Johnny's assailant is doing in "Who Shot Johnny?"
(a) Being ignorant to people who love him.
(b) Bringing down the house.
(c) Bringing down the entire black community.
(d) Bringing down all the kids in the neighborhood.

4. What was the result on the chicken and beef in "No Wonder They Call Me a Bitch"?
(a) They were undetectable.
(b) They were juicy.
(c) They tasted like fish.
(d) They were unflavored.

5. What is Steele considering in the essay "On Being Black and Middle Class"?
(a) The way blacks are treated.
(b) The tension between two of the largest components of his identity.
(c) What he will have for dinner.
(d) That he is the victim and victimizer.

Short Answer Questions

1. What was the verdict of the wet food in "No Wonder They Call Me a Bitch"?

2. What does Berry think the problem with American's is in "In Distrust of Movements"?

3. What did Hodgman find in her food that made her question the experiment for science's sake in "No Wonder They Call Me a Bitch"?

4. What does Hodgman say is the best tasting, though still slightly bothered by its texture in "No Wonder They Call Me a Bitch"?

5. What does Updike say that men think about their bodies?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Steele say about her black identity in the essay, "On Being Black and Middle Class"?

2. What event happened that made Americans want to return to that slumber of isolation in "Who We Are"?

3. What does Updike say about the male body in "The Disposable Rocket"?

4. What does Williams say about the reasons hunters give for hunting in the essay "The Killing Game"?

5. What reasoning does Oliver Wendell Holmes give for not shouting fire in a crowded theater in the essay "Shouting Fire!"?

6. What does Williams say about deer in "The Killing Game"?

7. Describe Oates thoughts on the difference of a house and a home in the essay, "They All Just Went Away,."

8. What two things is Wills comparing in "The Dramaturgy of Death"?

9. Explain why Muhammad Ali was a world icon in the essay "Ali in Havana."

10. Describe what Queenan thinks about American universities in "Matriculation Fixation"."

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