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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Updike say about the male in "The Disposable Rocket"?
(a) It is delicate.
(b) It is hairy.
(c) It is muscular.
(d) It is utilitarian.

2. What did Hodgman find in her food that made her question the experiment for science's sake in "No Wonder They Call Me a Bitch"?
(a) A foul odor.
(b) She had dog breath.
(c) Her stomach's reaction to the food.
(d) A large vein in her morsels.

3. What kind of art is the Quechan horse in "The Stone Horse"?
(a) Self portrait.
(b) Impressionist.
(c) Intaglio.
(d) Watercolors.

4. Who is William O. Douglas to Conroy in "Think About It"?
(a) His father figure.
(b) His boss.
(c) His mentor.
(d) A Supreme Court Justice and a friend.

5. Whose rights does Hearne compare to that of humans in "What's Wrong With Animal Rights?"?
(a) Dolphins.
(b) Dogs.
(c) Homosexuals.
(d) Cats.

6. What does Talese say about Ali in "Ali in Havana"?
(a) He was a loud, argumentative man.
(b) He was a soft spoken man and usually only spoke to those close to him.
(c) He was a drunk, but a good boxer.
(d) He was hot headed.

7. What does Berry think the problem with American's is in "In Distrust of Movements"?
(a) Lack of desire to go green.
(b) Lack of knowledge on increasing efficiency.
(c) Lack of knowledge on how we obtain our resources.
(d) American's are obese.

8. Who outlined the exception to the first amendment in "Shouting Fire!"?
(a) Thomas Jefferson.
(b) John Adams.
(c) Supreme Court Justice William O. Douglas.
(d) Supreme Court Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes.

9. What does Kincaid recall being forced to memorize in school in "On Seeing England for the First Time"?
(a) The dates of change in monarchy reign in England.
(b) The past Prime Ministers of England.
(c) British isles and major cities.
(d) Her spelling words.

10. What complicated process is Conroy discussing in "Think About It"?
(a) How to make homemade biscuits.
(b) The process in which we learn.
(c) The process of traveling to Europe from America .
(d) The process of building a car.

11. What is prohibited in the first amendment?
(a) Shouting at a person driving badly.
(b) Shouting "Fire!" in a crowded movie theatre.
(c) Talking poorly about the president.
(d) Yelling "Bomb" in a public place.

12. What was the verdict of the wet food in "No Wonder They Call Me a Bitch"?
(a) It was tasty, but overwhelmed by its disgusting textures.
(b) It was juicy.
(c) It tastest the worst.
(d) It was tasteless.

13. Where is the Quechan stone monument in "The Stone Horse"?
(a) Africa.
(b) The California Dessert.
(c) Close to the Grand Canyon.
(d) Next to Yosimite National Park.

14. What is Halberstam discussing in his essay, "Who Are We"?
(a) World War II.
(b) The 911 attacks.
(c) He is talking about America's involvement in war.
(d) The Vietnam War.

15. What small facet does Berry NOT mention "In Distrust of Movements"?
(a) Better landfills.
(b) Efficient manufacturing.
(c) Cleaner water.
(d) Recycling.

Short Answer Questions

1. What American obsession does Queenan discuss in "Matriculation Fixation"?

2. What does Williams think of the hunters reasoning to hunt in "The Killing Game"?

3. What does Wills NOT mention as a way of using the death penalty in "The Dramaturgy of Death"?

4. What does Updike say about the female in "The Disposable Rocket"?

5. How is Kincaid different from most other Antiguans in "On Seeing England for the First Time"?

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