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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Williams think of the hunters reasoning to hunt in "The Killing Game"?
(a) It's an excuse to bring animals to near extinction.
(b) It's a valid point, but she loves animals too much.
(c) She wants to go hunting with some of her friends next time.
(d) It's an excuse to leave their wives or girlfriends for the day.

2. What ethical system is Singer addressing in "The Singer Solution to World Poverty"?
(a) Utilitarianism .
(b) Transcendentalism.
(c) Progressive.
(d) Pragmatic.

3. What does Williams say about deer being overpopulated in "The Killing Game"?
(a) They are overpopulated because of a fertilizer farmers use.
(b) Deer are only overpopulated because they killed the wolves that hunt them.
(c) They eat too much.
(d) They breed too much.

4. What does Updike say about the female in "The Disposable Rocket"?
(a) It is soft.
(b) It is delicate.
(c) It is curvy.
(d) It is gentle.

5. Who does Talese accompany to Cuba in "Ali in Havana"?
(a) Muhummed Ali.
(b) Mike Tyson .
(c) George Clooney .
(d) Fidel Castro.

6. Why do the hunters hunt according to Williams in "The Killing Game"?
(a) To eat dinner.
(b) For decoration in their house.
(c) To help people that hit deer with their car.
(d) To stop over population of animals.

7. What does Hearne say is ignored in this philosophy in "What's Wrong With Animal Rights?"?
(a) Relationships and knowledge of the relationships.
(b) The ability to think.
(c) Ocean life is completely forgotten about.
(d) Full demensions of human existence, not just to pain.

8. What type of experience does Lopez have when he examines the stone horse in "The Stone Horse"?
(a) A religious one.
(b) Ultimate kindness.
(c) An excited one.
(d) A pyschotic response.

9. What does Wills NOT mention as a way of using the death penalty in "The Dramaturgy of Death"?
(a) Drawing.
(b) Lynching.
(c) Quartering.
(d) Burning at the stake.

10. Where is Kincaid a native of in the essay "On Seeing England for the First Time"?
(a) Jamaica.
(b) Antigua.
(c) Puerto Rico.
(d) England.

11. What does Updike say about the male in "The Disposable Rocket"?
(a) It is utilitarian.
(b) It is delicate.
(c) It is muscular.
(d) It is hairy.

12. What does Kincaid recall being forced to memorize in school in "On Seeing England for the First Time"?
(a) The past Prime Ministers of England.
(b) British isles and major cities.
(c) Her spelling words.
(d) The dates of change in monarchy reign in England.

13. What is Updike comparing in "The Disposable Rocket"?
(a) Ice creams.
(b) Male bodies to female bodies.
(c) Texas barbeque and Memphis barbeque.
(d) Cats and dogs.

14. What small facet does Berry NOT mention "In Distrust of Movements"?
(a) Efficient manufacturing.
(b) Recycling.
(c) Cleaner water.
(d) Better landfills.

15. What common element does Wills mention having with the penalty in "The Dramaturgy of Death"?
(a) Inhumane treatment.
(b) Crime matches the punishment.
(c) Those who receive it, committed the same crime.
(d) Redressing a grievance.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who was brutally murdered in 1955 in "Exquisite Corpse"?

2. Who was lynched in 1999 according to Rushdy in "Exquisite Corpse"

3. Who wanted to permanently involve America in foreign affairs with the League of Nations in "Who Are We"?

4. What does Singer say about the money would be spent on, that is not given to helping the poor in "The Singer Solution to World Poverty"?

5. What did Hodgman find in her food that made her question the experiment for science's sake in "No Wonder They Call Me a Bitch"?

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