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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through The Public Sphere: Who Shot Johnny?, Who We Are, What's Wrong With Animal Rights.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Tan realize after becoming a renowned writer in "Mother Tongue"?
(a) That Tan has the best English grammar.
(b) That their are varied forms of the English language.
(c) That her mother's English is no less legitimate.
(d) That her mother is pretty on the inside.

2. What does Maria compare Komunyakaa to?
(a) The wind, that moves in nomadic directions.
(b) A man who leaves a woman after he gets what he wanted from her.
(c) A wise owl.
(d) A grumpy mechanic.

3. What was McPhee fascinated by as a child?
(a) Fire trucks.
(b) Airplanes.
(c) Parachutes.
(d) Space shuttles.

4. What does Frazier think of recreation for adults in his essay "A Lovely Sort of Lower Purpose"?
(a) They should be allowed a certain amount of time to recreate per week.
(b) They are too old for tackle football.
(c) It is always goal oriented.
(d) There is not enough time to recreate with friends.

5. What does Grealy feel she was being praised for during her battle with chemotherapy?.
(a) Being brave.
(b) Surviving the treatment.
(c) Hiding the pain.
(d) Her positive attutude.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Dickerson think Johnny's assailant is doing in "Who Shot Johnny?"

2. If lack of love is the reason for suicide, what does Hoagland suggest to those who know love?

3. What does Grealy boycott?

4. Why does Grealy end her boycott?

5. What American obsession does Queenan discuss in "Matriculation Fixation"?

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