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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through The Public Sphere: Who Shot Johnny?, Who We Are, What's Wrong With Animal Rights.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Updike say that men think about their bodies?
(a) It is an art form.
(b) It is very masculine.
(c) It is very forgettable.
(d) It is very hard.

2. What is Ehrlich reflecting on in "Spring"?
(a) Her late husband.
(b) The beautiful country.
(c) The insignificance of human existence .
(d) Her illness.

3. What does Komunyakaa not tell his co-workers?
(a) That he is going to graduate school.
(b) That he has a terminal disease.
(c) That he is an illegal citizen.
(d) That he is in love with their boss.

4. What did McPhee notice about his childhood gift?
(a) How heavy it was.
(b) The color.
(c) The elegant and steady way it always returned to him.
(d) That it was expensive.

5. What is the real problem with Ofri's patient in "Merced"?
(a) She has lyme disease.
(b) She has leukemia.
(c) She has aseptic meningitis.
(d) She has a tumor.

Short Answer Questions

1. Pertaining to "In the Kitchen," what is Gates reflecting on?

2. Pertaining to "Spring," what is Ehrlich recovering from?

3. Who admired Castro, according to Talese in "Ali in Havana"?

4. Why is this gift special to Sanders in "The Inheritance of Tools"?

5. What does Talese say about Ali in "Ali in Havana"?

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