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This place is Anwar Accawi's hometown. He fondly recalls the tightly knit community and laments its dissolution.

The Silk Parachute

John McPhee uses this object to symbolize his mother. He notes how both always came back to him, no matter the effort made when he threw them away.

The World Trade Center

This place is the group of buildings constructed during the 1970s in Manhattan, New York. Philippe Petit famously tightrope walked between them and the buildings have since been destroyed.


Anne Fadiman laments the fact that this object, because it is free and easy, has reduced communication to the lowest possible quality.

The Quechan Stone Horse

In this novel, Barry Lopez travels into the California desert to see a stone object built by the Quechan Indian.


In this place, Gay Talese recounts Muhammad Ali's historic trip to meet this country's president.

The First Amendment

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