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Lesson 1 (from The Personal Voice: The Telephone, Hair, and Silent Dancing)


"The Telephone" by Anwar F. Accawi discusses growing up in a small town in Jordan. He recalls how history was dated through the proximity of other events and how after the first installation of the telephone his small community began to become global. The objective of this lesson is to discuss the way Anwar's society developed because of the invention of the telephone.


1. Class Discussion:

Accawi remembers how events were dated through their proximity to other events. Discuss how Accawi's grandmother let him know how old the lady was, without giving a specific number. How do you think that way of dating would work in our society now? Discuss how the telephone has made communities global. Do you think the benefits of the invention of the telephone outweigh the negative effects?

2. Partner Activity:

Select a partner and review Accawi's outlook on the telephone. Do you...

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