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Lucy Grealy

This person struggles while living with a facial disfigurement.

Philippe Petit

This individual sees the world as a mailable piece of art and wants to expand its boundaries. This character has a fascination with trying to walk between well-known structures.

Nat King Cole

This person has a specific memory about a famous person's hair.


This person receives a misdiagnosis and dies from an unknown illness.

Dave Rahm

This person practices a dangerous and impressive skill and dies as a result.

Mr. Weidel

This person is violent and later sets fire to the character's own house.

Ruth Weidel

This individual is a victim of abuse.

Muhammad Ali

This person is a famous boxer during the 1960s and 1970s.

Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes

This person noted an exception to freedom of speech, excluding shouting "Fire!" in a theater.

Emmett Till

This individual's death was a catalyst to...

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