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The Personal Voice: The Telephone, Hair, and Silent Dancing

• "The Telephone" by Anwar F. Accawi

• Accawi reflects on his quaint and simple childhood in Jordan.

• He remembers asking his grandmother how old someone was and she responded without a date, but with a relation to another event in that year.

• He recalls the effect of the village's first telephone and how it made his village become a global community.

• Although Accawi benefits from the progression the telephone brought to his village, he feels people are searching for a better life that they will not find.
• "Hair" by Marcia Aldrich

• Aldrich recalls her mother's obsession with hair.

• Aldrich's mother seems to think that the perfect hairstyle will complete an incomplete soul.

• Aldrich's older sister refused to change her hair and her younger sister had the worst hair of all.

• Rhonda, a hairstylist, saw hair as a transitory entity that...

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