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Le Charcuterie Quenu-Gradelle - This is the butcher shop owned originally by Florent and Quenu's uncle, Monsieur Gradelle.

Monsieur Lebrige's café - Located not far from the charcuterie, this is where Florent and his friends plot to overthrow the French Empire.

Nanterres - This is a well-known suburb of Paris where Madame François lives.

Les Halles - This famous central marketplace in Paris, France was constructed in the 1850s.

Église Saint-Eustache - This is a Parisian cathedral located at the entrance to Les Halles.

Rue de la Cosonnerie - This is the street that houses a candy shop famous for its small paper packets used by grocers for the leftovers of their sweet displays.

Rue Royer-Collard - This is the Paris street on which Florent and his brother Quenu share an apartment after the death of their mother.

Devil's Island Penal Colony - Also known...

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