The Belly of Paris Character Descriptions

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Florent - He is the protagonist of novel, a man of gentle temperament who is painfully thin and is always hungry.

Quenu - His first name is never revealed. He was spoiled and pampered by his mother as a child, but never properly educated.

Lisa Macquart Quenu (La Belle Lisa) - She is thirty-years-old and has no relationship with her father but inherits her mother's strong work ethic and a reasonable and level-headed temperament.

Louise Méhudin (La Belle Normande) - She is a fishwife who owns and operates a stall in the market at Les Halles.

Monsieur Gavard - He is the owner of a rotisserie in Les Halles.

Claude Lantier - A self-proclaimed Thin person in a world of Fat people, he is much more concerned with aesthetics than with materialism.

Marjolin - Abandoned at the age of two or three, he is discovered...

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