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Short Answer Questions

1. According to Dolmance in this section, what is nature unconcerned with?

2. Dolmance believes all laws are a crime against whom?

3. According to Dolmance in this section, why are libertines duplicitous?

4. What laws does the author of the pamphlet think should be instituted to ensure duty to God?

5. According to Dolmance in this section, what do sodomites pride themselves on?

Short Essay Questions

1. What arrives for the libertines in the Sixth Dialogue?

2. What is the only purpose of friendship, according to Dolmance?

3. What argument for the pamphleteer offer regarding death and capital punishment?

4. How is Chevalier's argument in this section atypical of the rest of the text?

5. Why does Dolmance expound on marriage in this section, and what does he say?

6. Why does Dolmance not break Eugenie's hymen?

7. Why does the author of the pamphlet favor the Olympian gods?

8. What is the only true connection between two people, according to Dolmance in this section?

9. How is the very end of The Bedroom Philosophers incongruous with what preceded it?

10. According to the author of the pamphlet, what is the value of suicide?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Write an essay on the topic of phalli in The Bedroom Philosophers. Discuss the order in which phalli are introduced in the narrative and how one tops the other. How are Dolmance, Chevalier, Augustin and Lapierre's phalli all put to different uses? What are the women's reactions to each? Analyzing the use of phalli in the text, determine what they represent in the world of the novel? Excess? Pleasure? Death?

Essay Topic 2

In an essay, discuss the character of Dolmance. What roles does he undertake over the course of Sade's work? Discuss the points at which he lectures and organizes the libertines and the points at which he takes part in proceedings? What activities does he insist upon? What activities does he abstain from? Discuss, in conclusion, whether he is intended to be a godlike character or a demon. Is his role more ambiguous than either of them?

Essay Topic 3

The dialogues of The Bedroom Philosophers are intended to be perversions of Socratic dialogues, in which a philosopher takes a given dictum and dissects it, disproving it piece by piece. In an essay, choose one dialogue and discuss how the libertine dissects a given social more. What component of society is the character refuting? What does he or she find at fault in it? How does he or she disprove this fault, and what conclusion is reached?

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