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Short Answer Questions

1. What letter does Chevalier use to denote the friend who introduced her to Dolmance?

2. According to Dolmance, what does God have no reason to do?

3. In the Fourth Dialogue, who penetrates Dolmance with a dildo?

4. Near the end of this section, Dolmance discusses his libertine friends seducing who?

5. At the beginning of the Fourth Dialogue, Chevalier assures Eugenie of his what?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why is sodomy, according to Dolmance, the height of libertine pleasure?

2. What sexual acts are covered in this section of the book?

3. What methods does Madame recommend for avoiding pregnancy?

4. How does Madame de Saint-Ange recommend a married woman carry out her infidelity?

5. How does Dolmance decry religion in this section?

6. Describe Dolmance's defense of incest.

7. What theory regarding large penises does Dolmance posit in the Fourth Dialogue?

8. Describe the argument that Dolmance and Chevalier have in the Fourth Dialogue?

9. What pattern of sexual arrangements emerges in the Third Dialogue?

10. What is the value of blasphemy to the libertine?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

In the pamphlet Chevalier reads in the Fifth Dialogue, an unnamed author refutes the notion that laws are necessary for public order. Over the course of the pamphlet, he disproves the harmful effects of many crimes. Write an essay about three of these crimes. Why does the author state that they are not harmful? What positive effects do they have? What societal changes does the author recommend in harnessing this good?

Part 1) Slander

Part 2) Rape and incest

Part 3) Murder

Essay Topic 2

In The Bedroom Philosophers, the abstract idea of nature is used as a central justification for libertine philosophy. Write an essay about the use of nature as a guiding principle in the novel. What elements of nature are inspiring to the libertines? Does nature follow a set of moral guidelines? What connection does nature have to the human race? What does the human impulse to hurt and conquer have in common with nature?

Essay Topic 3

Write an essay about the character of the Chevalier. What is his connection to Dolmance, and what role does he play in the education of Eugenie? Discuss his part in plotting the various outrages against her virtue. How is he instrumental in bringing all of the major characters together into one boudoir? Discuss, also, the Chevalier's surprising outrage at the lack of compassion Dolmance displays? How does he become the most loving of the libertines?

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