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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Which character does Dolmance send to escort Madame de Mistival home at the end of the Final Dialogue?
(a) Chevalier.
(b) Eugenie.
(c) Augustin.
(d) Lapierre.

2. What does the author of Frenchmen, Some More Effort if You Wish to Become Republicans suggest the state religion be based upon?
(a) De Sade's writings.
(b) The Kama Sutra.
(c) The Olympian gods.
(d) The Torah.

3. Which character is a virgin at the beginning of The Bedroom Philosophers?
(a) Chevalier.
(b) Eugenie.
(c) Dolmance.
(d) Madame de Mistival.

4. What is the sole value of sexuality, according to Dolmance in this section?
(a) Copulation.
(b) Fulfillment.
(c) Procreation.
(d) Monetary transaction.

5. How does Eugenie respond to Madame de Mistival's arrival at the beginning of the Final Dialogue?
(a) She curses her.
(b) She weeps in repentance.
(c) She laughs maniacally.
(d) She hides.

Short Answer Questions

1. Dolmance believes all laws are a crime against whom?

2. In this section, when does Eugenie state that she notices particular harshness in Dolmance?

3. How far does Augustin ejaculate in this section of the Fifth Dialogue?

4. According to the pamphleteer, what do Revolutionaries risk if they return to the Christian God?

5. What does slander ensure, according to the pamphleteer?

Short Essay Questions

1. How is Dolmance awed by Augustin in this section?

2. What transpires at the end of the Fifth Dialogue?

3. Why does Dolmance not break Eugenie's hymen?

4. What is the only true connection between two people, according to Dolmance in this section?

5. How does Dolmance explain his vile character in this section?

6. What argument does Dolmance regarding the human heart in the beginning of this section?

7. What trepidations does Augustin have at the beginning of the Fifth Dialogue?

8. According to Dolmance in this section, how does nature disprove the existence of vice?

9. How is Madame de Mistival punished after her tribunal in the Final Dialogue?

10. What new institutions does the pamphleteer recommend establishing?

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