The Bedroom Philosophers Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. What specific instructions does Sade give his readers about emulating characters in To the Libertines?

At the very beginning of his book, the Marquis de Sade charges his readers to emulate the characters of the book. All experienced women should be like Madame de Saint-Ange, all girls should learn like Eugenie, and all profligate lovers should be as ravenous as Dolmance.

2. According to Sade in To the Philosphers, what is the key to happiness?

At the end of his preamble To the Libertines, Sade explains the way to happiness. He tells his readers to learn from Dolmance and expand his sphere of depravity. Giving oneself over completely to sensual joy is the surest way to pure happiness on earth.

3. What is the relationship between Madame de Saint-Ange and the Chevalier?

Madame de Saint-Ange and the Chevalier are sister and brother. They are also incestuous lovers and devoted libertines. They dedicate themselves to seeking more and more extreme forms of sexual gratification, regularly challenging each other.

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