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The Boudoir

This is the location where Dolmance waits for Eugenie and Madame de Saint-Ange

The Anteroom

This is where Eugenie and Madame de Saint-Ange meet at the beginning of the book.

The Pamphlet

This object is read by Chevalier in the midst of the orgy.


Madame de Saint-Ange uses these objects on Dolmance throughout the book.


Dolmance draws blood from Eugenie using these objects.


Dolmance uses these objects to wake Madame de Mistival at the end of the book.

Needle and Thread

Dolmance uses these objects on Madame de Mistival after infecting her with syphilis.


This object is used as the ultimate justification for the libertine lifestyle.

The Republic

This object has recently come into existence during the time frame of the book.


This object is detested universally by the libertines of the book.

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