The Bedroom Philosophers Character Descriptions

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This character refuses to have vaginal intercourse.


This character is given an extreme sexual education over the course of the book.

Madame de Saint-Ange

This character is engaging in an incestuous relationship with her brother.

Chevalier de Mirvel

This character is tasked with breaking a virgin's hymen.


This character is a servant in the house that is the setting of the book.

Madame de Mistival

This character is gang-raped at the end of the book.


This character has syphilis.

Eugenie's Father

This character wants his daughter educated so that he can have an incestuous affair with her.

Unnamed Author of the Pamphlet

This character advocates the abolition of the Christian God and the institution of marriage.


This character engages in a homosexual threesome with the Chevalier de Mirvel and Dolmance before the book begins.

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