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To the Libertines, First Dialogue, Second Dialogue Synopsis

• The Marquis de Sade tells his readers to learn from the libertines.
• Madame de Saint-Ange and the Chevalier talk about Dolmance.
• Madame and Chevalier plan to educate Eugenie about libertine ways.

Third Dialogue, Part One

• Dolmance and Madame explain sex, fellatio, cunnilingus, and masturbation to Eugenie.
• Dolmance decries God and religion.
• Dolmance explains that charity and brotherhood are meaningless.

Third Dialogue, Part Two

• Dolmance speaks against the existence of virtue.
• Madame explains to Eugenie how to take many lovers and avoid pregnancy.
• Dolmance defends the act of incest.

Third Dialogue, Part Three

• The libertines begin to plan the murder of Eugenie's mother.
• Dolmance explains the preferred stratagem for anal sex.
• Dolmance explains the pleasure a libertine derives from blasphemy and cruelty.

Fourth Dialogue

• Chevalier appears in the boudoir.
• Dolmance demonstrates male ejaculation, using Chevalier.
• Dolmance and Chevalier debate whether anal...

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