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Johanna Michaelsen
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is Shelia's nickname?
(a) Birdie.
(b) Birdhead.
(c) Bird brain.
(d) Bird.

2. What does she feel her parents do not support her in?
(a) Her embracing of Hermanito.
(b) Johanna spending so much time with Pachita.
(c) Her conversion to Christianity.

3. What is the title Exodus reminiscent of?
(a) The Bible and the tale of the Jews exit from Egypt.
(b) Changing one's life.
(c) Pachita leaving mind control.
(d) Leaving ones home.

4. After one operation, what could the author see in Hermanito?
(a) Hatred and rage.
(b) Change.
(c) Kindness and forgiveness.
(d) Aggressiveness.

5. How does Johanna's tone change in the last section of the book?
(a) Her tone is frightened and scared.
(c) She is in awe of her own advice.
(d) It becomes a sermon.

6. When Hermanito breaks down in tears, what does he call himself?
(a) All powerful.
(b) A coward.
(c) All knowing.
(d) A god.

7. What is the first step to freeing one's self from the occult?
(a) Destroy all occult related objects.
(b) Accepting Jesus as your savior.
(c) Test all occult gifts.
(d) Offer prayers of renunciation.

8. What is a pseudonym?
(a) A change in personality.
(b) A disguise.
(c) Someone you aspire to be.
(d) A fake name.

9. When does the author feel she really commits herself to Jesus?
(a) After meeting Randolph.
(b) After meeting Birdie an Os.
(c) When she speaks with Kim.
(d) After a trying day with Pachita.

10. During Johanna's friend's operation, how does Hermanito save him?
(b) By conducting a blood transfusion.
(c) A heart replacement.
(d) Conjuring more powerful spirits to heal him.

11. As the chapter ends, what is Johanna richer with?
(a) Book options.
(b) Family ties.
(c) Faith.
(d) Money.

12. What Christian organizations does she join?
(a) Light and Power House.
(b) Fellowship of the Sun.
(c) The Good Faith Church.
(d) The Church of Mary and Jesus.

13. According to the author, what does the occult's growing influence and presence represent?
(a) God's blessings.
(b) Satan's presence.
(c) A new wave of evil in the world.
(d) It is a sign that the End of Times is near.

14. The author feels overwhelmingly ____________ while making her points.
(a) Shameful.
(b) True.
(c) Correct.
(d) Righteous.

15. What does Hermanito hate about Pachita?
(a) Her garnish nail polish.
(b) Her glasses.
(c) Her moles.
(d) Her ugly hair.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why has Hermanito chosen Pachita?

2. Who is Hermanito?

3. How has the Bible been manipulated by human hands?

4. While clearing her life of the occult, what does Johanna also clear her life of?

5. Why is the very last section called "The Means of Freedom?"

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