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Johanna Michaelsen
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is Johanna attempting to profess knowledge of?
(a) The inner workings of the heart.
(b) Inner workings of the mind.
(c) The answers to philosophical logic.
(d) The unknowable.

2. Why does the author resent her parents?
(a) Their support for Pachita.
(b) They refuse to help her financially.
(c) Her parents condemn Johanna for her beliefs.
(d) They sent her sister away from her.

3. According to the author, what do members of the Pentecostal or Evangelical churches really experience?
(a) The true power and grace of God.
(b) Out of body experiences.
(c) Evil spirited gatherings.
(d) Occult-like events.

4. What does Johanna reveal herself to be?
(a) The wife of a powerful man.
(b) A believer of the Occult.
(c) God's child.
(d) A prophet.

5. Why has Hermanito chosen Pachita?
(a) Tom was not worthy of Hermanito.
(b) Pachita beckoned him from the dead.
(c) Johanna was not yet available.
(d) He appreciated Pachita's commitment to healing humanity.

6. The author feels overwhelmingly ____________ while making her points.
(a) Shameful.
(b) True.
(c) Correct.
(d) Righteous.

7. Are many of the author's points absolute?
(a) In her opinion, yes.
(b) No, only God is absolute.
(c) Yes.
(d) No, only the Pope is absolute.

8. Name one presence of the occult in our everyday lives?
(a) Romantic movies.
(b) Novels.
(c) Television and film.
(d) Radio.

9. During her travels abroad, what does Johanna frequently experience?
(a) Advice from her sister.
(b) A change of heart about her parents.
(c) Horrifying visions.
(d) New food and friends.

10. What is one of the virtually impossible surgeries that Hermanito completes?
(a) A vertebral column replacement.
(b) He regenerates a person's fingers.
(c) Torso transplant.
(d) An arm transplant.

11. During Johanna's friend's operation, how does Hermanito save him?
(a) Conjuring more powerful spirits to heal him.
(b) A heart replacement.
(c) By conducting a blood transfusion.

12. Was was the author's childhood friend's name?
(a) David.
(b) Daniel.
(c) Denny.
(d) Danny.

13. In this last section, what is the author's writing style?
(a) Straightforward.
(b) Random and hurried.
(c) Handbook-like with many lists.
(d) Confused as she is not sure of how to guide the readers.

14. Why is the very last section called "The Means of Freedom?"
(a) It lists ways to gain money and freedom.
(b) Money is freedom.
(c) The occult lifestyle is not lucrative.
(d) Because Johanna gives ways for people to be free of the occult.

15. How has the Bible been manipulated by human hands?
(a) People try to destroy Bibles.
(b) The Bible has undergone several edits and revisions.
(c) Humans wrote the Bible.
(d) This assertion is wrong. It is the true word of God.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who dies in the section, Exodus?

2. How does the author feel that modern day Christian preachers and theologians treat life and teaching?

3. Where does the story pick back up in Chapter 10?

4. Who convinces Johanna to travel to Europe?

5. What is "the blood of the lamb?"

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