The Beautiful Side of Evil Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Johanna Michaelsen
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Chapter 1

• As the book begins, the author and a man named Tom are late for a meeting with Pachita and Hermanito.

• Dr Carols is angry with the pair because he thinks that they are interrupting Pachita.

• The author visits Pachita's home, which she finds extremely dirty.
• Pachita's dirty home, sets up her eventual connection with the wrong, unclean, satanic work she performs.
• The beginning of the book serves as an introduction to the author's later agenda for the book.

• The tone of the book is very dark and has an oppressive atmosphere.

Chapters 2, 3 and 4

• Johanna's Great Aunt Dixie was a famous American physic with great spiritual powers. Her aunt predicted that one day her powers would be passed on to someone in her family.

• Aunt Dixie died alone and in poverty.
• Johanna grew up in the suburbs of Mexico.

• Although she went to a Catholic school, her childhood...

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