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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where does the narrator find a job?
(a) Art gallery.
(b) Restaurant.
(c) Magazine.
(d) Museum.

2. How does Lou feel about his fiancee's parents?
(a) He hates them.
(b) He enjoys them.
(c) He really likes them.
(d) He can tolerate them.

3. How much weight does the narrator lose?
(a) 40 pounds.
(b) 10 pounds.
(c) 100 pounds.
(d) 25 pounds.

4. Where does the narrator spend time with Lou and the woman in #140?
(a) Lou's apartment.
(b) Restaurants.
(c) A gay beach.
(d) Bookstores.

5. What does Sean call a group of men he accidentally encountered having sex in a public bathroom?
(a) Dreamers.
(b) Predators.
(c) Opportunistic.
(d) Subhuman.

Short Answer Questions

1. Instead of going to grad school, where does the narrator go?

2. The narrator is angry when the magazine he works for publishes an article denouncing ______________________.

3. The narrator has been accepted into a graduate program at what university?

4. After Lou is engaged, he calls the narrator to tell him that ________________________.

5. The affection and intimacy between the narrator and _________________ grows during this time.

Short Essay Questions

1. How does shame get pushed aside in the events leading up to, and after, the Stonewall Inn raids?

2. Why is Lou desperate to get married and how does the narrator help him?

3. What do the narrator's parents--and society in general--consider to be a "normal" lifestyle for their son?

4. Why is the New York experience so important to the narrator's longing to be part of a community?

5. How does the narrator feel about Lou's criticism of the narrator's work?

6. Where does the narrator move to instead of going to Harvard where he has been accepted into a graduate program?

7. What is significant about the energy created among the men after the group sexual encounter in the subway restroom

8. What are a couple of topics that Lou tries to educate the narrator on?

9. How did the poverty-stricken lives of Betts and Buddy mirror the social deprivation during the times they lived through?

10. Who is Sean and how did the narrator meet him?

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