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Jonathan Weiner
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. With what does Rosemary bait the finch traps?
(a) Apple.
(b) Seal blubber.
(c) Banana.
(d) Birdseed.

2. As related at the end of Chapter 3, which person sustained an injury from the barnacles on Daphne Major?
(a) Lisle Gibbs.
(b) Peter Boag.
(c) Ian Abbott.
(d) Peter Grant.

3. Where did John Endler build his experimental ponds?
(a) University of Michigan.
(b) University of Manitoba.
(c) Princeton University.
(d) Yale University.

4. Who was the first person who could recognize all the finches on Daphne Major?
(a) Rosemary Grant.
(b) Trevor Price.
(c) Nicola Grant.
(d) Ian Abbott.

5. What type of bird did Darwin breed back home in England?
(a) Pigeons.
(b) Mockingbirds.
(c) Swallows.
(d) Sparrows.

Short Answer Questions

1. In what year was the Charles Darwin Research Station founded?

2. As described at the end of Chapter 6, for what were Trevor Price and Lisle Gibbs waiting?

3. Who devised the metaphor of the watch and the watchmaker?

4. Whose A Short History of Biology "killed Darwin with kindness," according to Weiner?

5. According to chapter 9, what percentage of the birds on Darwin's property were killed in the cold weather?

Short Essay Questions

1. Discuss the likelihood that two species will hybridize and the probable outcomes of such a hybridization.

2. Compare and contrast the Grants' tools on Daphne Major and their tools at Princeton.

3. Describe the scope and methods of Trevor Price's observation of the finches.

4. How do the Grants collect blood samples from the finches?

5. Explain Darwin's "eureka" from Chapter 10.

6. Describe some of the differences between the finch species in the Galapagos.

7. What is significant about the hybrid finches discussed in Chapter 8?

8. Why did the crew of the Beagle want to stop in the Galapagos, and what did they find there?

9. How do various species get from island to island in the Galapagos? Remember to include examples of both plants and animals.

10. Which Fortis finches survived the drought of 1977, and why?

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