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Jonathan Weiner
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What color was the moth Biston betularia in the early 1800s?
(a) Brown.
(b) White.
(c) Bluish green.
(d) Black.

2. How many people carry the bacteria that causes tuberculosis?
(a) 1 in 3.
(b) 1 in 4.
(c) 1 in 6.
(d) 1 in 9.

3. What does the Latin word "specere" mean?
(a) To see.
(b) To be speckled.
(c) To specify.
(d) To sing.

4. In chapter 15, Weiner discusses the growth of which microbe in a Petri dish?
(a) E. coli.
(b) Ebola virus.
(c) Streptococcus.
(d) Salmonella.

5. How many mating songs does each species of finch have?
(a) 7.
(b) 1.
(c) 2.
(d) 4.

6. Who is studying the Sticklebacks?
(a) Peter Boag.
(b) Chris Chaplin.
(c) Trevor Price.
(d) Dolph Schluter.

7. Which scientist is mentioned in Chapter 14 as strongly advocating the need for measurement in science?
(a) Louis Pasteur.
(b) Marie Curie.
(c) Blaise Pascal.
(d) Lord Kelvin.

8. As mentioned in Chapter 16, Darwin states that which bird landed on his water pitcher?
(a) Hawk.
(b) Finch.
(c) Mockingbird.
(d) Heron.

9. When did the ancestors of humans start to walk?
(a) 200,000 years ago.
(b) 6-7 million years ago.
(c) 40 million years ago.
(d) 8000 years ago.

10. What is different from farm to farm in the Mississippi Delta?
(a) Birdsong.
(b) Crop circles.
(c) Mosquito density.
(d) Wildflowers.

11. Which plant has dominated Daphne Major since the flood?
(a) Passionflower.
(b) Cacabus.
(c) Tribulus.
(d) Cactus.

12. In what month do cacti on Daphne Major start to bloom?
(a) March.
(b) October.
(c) December.
(d) July.

13. What part of the human is comparable to the finch's beak, according to Weiner?
(a) The hand.
(b) The mind.
(c) The eye.
(d) The digestive tract.

14. Who has catalogued Darwin's spelling mistakes?
(a) Frank J. Sulloway.
(b) Sir John Sebright.
(c) Jackson Pollock.
(d) Rosemary Grant.

15. How much rain fell in the driest year on Daphne Major?
(a) 70 millimeters.
(b) 5 meters.
(c) 6 millimeters.
(d) None.

Short Answer Questions

1. Which Babylonian king "saw the writing on the wall"?

2. How many times has the environment changed as rapidly as in the 20th century?

3. In what state did Benjamin Walsh build his homestead?

4. On which island do humans not normally live?

5. How many E. coli bacteria can grow from one bacterium within eight hours?

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