The Beak of the Finch Character Descriptions

Jonathan Weiner
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Peter Grant

This researcher, who has spent 20 years visiting Daphne Major, has a beard that is very similar to Darwin's.

Rosemary Grant

This person catches the two elusive finches in Chapter 1.

Charles Darwin

This person wrote the book, The Origin of Species.

Karl von Linne

This person, who published his research using a variant of his birth name, was a botanist from Sweden.

Carolus Linnaeus

This person created the lasting illustration of the tree of life, which describes the arrangement of plants and animals.

Peter Boag

This person read The Rise and the Fall of the Third Reich while waiting for rain on Daphne Major.

Laurene Ratcliffe

This person read The Agony and the Ecstasy while on Daphne Major.

Trevor Price

Weiner notes that this member of the Grants' team, while waiting for rain on Daphne Major, visited Puerto Ayora and "spoke atrocious Spanish with an impossibly strong...

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