The Beak of the Finch Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Jonathan Weiner
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Part 1, Chapter 1

• The Grants are doing their normal work on Daphne Major, measuring finches and recording the data.

• The Grants are performing some of the empirical research that Darwin did not perform, so that they may prove his hypotheses.
• The Grants arrive by boat on Daphne Major with all their equipment and they set up camp.

• On the island, they rely largely on fairly primitive instruments that will withstand the prolonged exposure to intense heat.

Part 1, Chapter 2

• Darwin came to the Galapagos and encountered unusual animals that made him think deeply about the beginnings of their existence.

• He collected specimens of various animals and took them back to Europe, where he and other scientists studied them carefully.
• Darwin first learned about natural selection through the process of breeding pigeons.

Part 1, Chapter 3

• Taxonomists have classified the Galapagos finches in many different arrangements, but the current arrangement is of thirteen...

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