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Alex Garland
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What was Richard's last purchase?
(a) A pair of shorts.
(b) A package of boiled sweets.
(c) A t-shirt.
(d) Cigarettes.

2. What animal did Etienne encounter?
(a) Dolphins.
(b) Sharks.
(c) Clownfish.
(d) Jellyfish.

3. What was charming about Etienne's response?
(a) That he had actually responded to their joke.
(b) That he was honest, when the two Americans had been playing a joke.
(c) All of these.
(d) That he had been so innocent.

4. Why did Mr. Duck attempt to get his wounds closed up?
(a) So he could roll a joint.
(b) So he could look presentable.
(c) So he could shake Richard's hand.
(d) So he could return to the beach.

5. When was their ETA?
(a) Neither of these.
(b) Eleven o'clock.
(c) Eleven hundred hours.
(d) Both of these.

Short Answer Questions

1. What did the French guy like?

2. What is the guy's record with Tetris?

3. Why was Bugs respected?

4. How old did the main character judge the French couple to be, at first?

5. What was the nickname of the head cook?

Short Essay Questions

1. What made the map intricate?

2. What explanation did Richard offer for the shape of the island on which the Beach was located?

3. What was the purpose of the lashed together branches?

4. What did Richard find himself thinking about for the first time since his arrival on the beach?

5. Why had Richard initially begun traveling?

6. What lie did Richard tell to Christo?

7. Who was reanimated by Richard and how?

8. How long did Richard's frustration last in regards to the world and Koh Phangan?

9. Why did Richard consider himself pretty lucky?

10. What drew the sharks attention, and how did Richard spear it?

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