Objects & Places from The Beach

Alex Garland
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Rucksack - This is left on a neighboring island by the three travelers to the Beach commune.

Thailand - It is in this country that the story is set.

The Boat - This is utilized when the Swedes go fishing causing them to be at a great advantage among the other fishers.

Daffy's Hand Drawn Map to the Island - This is painstakingly created and represents the driving point of the novel, for without this, the travelers would have never reached the commune.

Marijuana - This is a plant grown under tropical conditions that is cultivated on the island.

Spears - Not only the method for fishing that is utilized, it is through these that Richard is rescued.

The Longhouse - This was one of the first structures on the beach and represents the solidity of the commune.

The Commune - This represents the longing of seasoned...

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