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Rick Riordan
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How much longer do members of the council give Grover to locate Pan?
(a) A month.
(b) A day.
(c) A year.
(d) A week.

2. Who is Malcolm?
(a) One of Percy's best friends.
(b) An activities director at the camp.
(c) One of Annabeth's half-brothers.
(d) Grover's uncle.

3. What is the scene created by mosaic tiles in one of the rooms?
(a) The gods building Mount Olympus.
(b) The gods dancing in the rain.
(c) The gods with their families.
(d) The gods at a feast.

4. Why does Briares say he can't escape even after Tyson breaks the door to his prison cell?
(a) Kampe will punish him.
(b) He has no legs.
(c) He pledged to remain in the cell.
(d) He has nowhere to go.

5. Who tells Percy that Juniper is Grover's girlfriend?
(a) Clarisse.
(b) Annabeth.
(c) Grover.
(d) Juniper.

6. What does Percy see beside the fountain after the brilliant light lights up the room?
(a) A milkman.
(b) A woman.
(c) Luke.
(d) The ghost of Christmas past.

7. Who is Nico's father?
(a) Hermes.
(b) Poseidon.
(c) Zeus.
(d) Hades.

8. Where did Percy believe Rachel probably lived?
(a) Near the subway.
(b) Near Glendale.
(c) Near the Empire State Building.
(d) Near Hoover Dam.

9. What is Tyson wearing when Percy steps into the cabin they share?
(a) A dented helmet and silver armor.
(b) Gold armor and a red mesh helmet.
(c) Platinum armor and mesh gloves.
(d) A flowered apron and rubber cleaning gloves.

10. What does Percy say the Athena cabin looks like?
(a) A workshop for brainiac kids.
(b) A neat-freak's domain.
(c) A science lab gone horribly wrong.
(d) A disaster area.

11. What does Hera give the children to eat?
(a) Fruit and ambrosia.
(b) Nectar and a kind of fruit salad.
(c) Nothing.
(d) Sandwiches and lemonade.

12. What does Tyson throw at Kampe while the others are rushing toward the Labyrinth entrance with Briares?
(a) A tourist.
(b) A wrench.
(c) A shield.
(d) A Dippin' Dots stand.

13. What are the two tools that have fallen out of the wooden crate in Percy's dream?
(a) A paint scraper and a level.
(b) A prybar and a wrench.
(c) A hammer and a screwdriver.
(d) A compass and a saw.

14. What does Percy believe Paul might do if he knew the truth about Percy?
(a) Call him a liar.
(b) Run away screaming.
(c) Laugh.
(d) Nothing.

15. Hera is the queen of ___________.
(a) The universe.
(b) Heaven.
(c) Mt. Helena.
(d) Olympus.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who hits Kampe in the chest with a pole?

2. Tyson says Kampe is ____________.

3. What is Kampe holding when she emerges onto the prison yard in pursuit of Percy and the others?

4. What does Grover say he smells while they are evaluating the milkman's skeleton?

5. Which of the following is NOT written on the mysterious crates in the sword arena?

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