The Battle of the Labyrinth Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Rick Riordan
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Chapters 1-4

• As the story opens, Percy Jackson is being dropped at his new high school by his mom. Percy is to attend orientation but sees a girl, Rachel Dare, he knows, and goes in a side door.

• Percy is met by a pair of cheerleaders at the side door and thinks there's something strange but doesn't know what.

• Percy winds up near Rachel at orientation and she suddenly tells him to run.

• Percy and Rachel run and Percy soon discovers Rachel can see through the Mist that keeps most people from seeing monsters as they really are.
• Percy and Rachel clash with the cheerleaders, who are really monsters, in the band room.

• Percy reveals to Rachel that he's a demigod, and Rachel urges him to run away while she stays to face the consequences of the fire that was part of the brief battle.

• Percy meets up...

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