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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does it seem the girls who spend the night with Cosimo feel?
(a) like he took advantage of them
(b) regretful
(c) baffled
(d) like a once in a lifetime experience

2. What does Cosimo do to the Austrian soldiers?
(a) gives them fleas
(b) pours water in their sleeping bags
(c) lures them into traps
(d) throws their clothes in the river

3. What army came in and almost arrested Battista and her husband?
(a) the English army
(b) the Republican army
(c) the Austrian army
(d) the Italian army

4. Why has Cosimo become known as such a great lover?
(a) women talking
(b) rumors
(c) people hearing him in the trees
(d) he spread the story himself

5. What does Cosimo see hope for in his dream?
(a) the trees would stay forever
(b) war would end
(c) the common people would be fed
(d) his constitution would be used

Short Answer Questions

1. What man returns to the town in a dream Cosimo has?

2. Why did Biagio climb into the trees when his brother was 65 years old?

3. Who comes back to Ombrosa with the troops?

4. What do the Austrians say about the woods?

5. What do Cosimo and Prince Andrej find they have in common?

Short Essay Questions

1. Who does Cosimo go to see in Olivabassa, and what does he find there?

2. Where does Cosimo get his first glimpse of the widow that his dog has been visiting and what is she doing when he sees her?

3. What happens to Cosimo's father in chapter sixteen?

4. When does Cosimo arrive in Olivabassa and what does he become there?

5. How does Cosimo set up the protest against tithes?

6. What does Cosimo do in general about the soldiers wandering around?

7. How does Cosimo die?

8. Describe the dream Cosimo had in chapter twenty-nine.

9. What does Cosimo do in specific to the soldiers in the woods?

10. How does Cosimo demonstrate his support for justice and fairness in chapter twenty-six?

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