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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Viola want Cosimo to allow?
(a) her frequent trips away
(b) not getting married
(c) her multiple lovers
(d) having children

2. What happened to the coats and hats of the French regiment?
(a) nothing happened to them
(b) they begin to sprout moss and lichens
(c) they are torn up by the trees
(d) they are covered in blood

3. What happens as the result of their argument?
(a) nothing, they go on as usual
(b) Cosimo moves into her house
(c) they get married
(d) Viola leaves and they never see each other again

4. Why do the townspeople raise a bed in the trees for Cosimo?
(a) Biagio thought he'd like their father's bed
(b) as payment fo his kindness
(c) so he would live longer
(d) his health is failing

5. What does Cosimo confess when Ursula's father asks about his intentions?
(a) he will marry her and come with them
(b) he loves her
(c) he is just a friend
(d) he doesn't know how he feels

Short Answer Questions

1. Who comes back to Ombrosa with the troops?

2. What does Cosimo challenge the Father to do?

3. How does Cosimo deal with the threat of the soldiers?

4. Where is Cosimo spending much of winter?

5. What man returns to the town in a dream Cosimo has?

Short Essay Questions

1. Where does the girl get her first glimpse of Cosimo and what does she do?

2. How does Cosimo demonstrate his support for justice and fairness in chapter twenty-six?

3. What happens to the story of the Cavalier's death?

4. What does Biagio find out about Viola's trips away?

5. Who does Cosimo go to see in Olivabassa, and what does he find there?

6. What happens to Cosimo when Viola leaves?

7. What brings Cosimo out of his depression and what does he do?

8. Describe the dream Cosimo had in chapter twenty-nine.

9. How does Cosimo get shot and what does he do during his recovery?

10. What does Biagio say when he reflects on the ideals he and his brother had as youth?

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