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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Cosimo's father yell out to him at dinner?
(a) he is forgiven
(b) he will be sent to prison
(c) Biagio will be confined to the house
(d) if he doesn't come down he will starve

2. What did Cosimo do on Sundays with his family?
(a) attend church
(b) play ball
(c) have a picnic in the trees
(d) eat Sunday dinner with them

3. What happens when the townspeople and the pirates meet?
(a) fighting breaks out
(b) they exchange goods
(c) the townspeople split the treasure
(d) they never meet

4. What does Cosimo kill that has come up the tree where he is?
(a) a snake
(b) a large rat
(c) a black bird
(d) a yellow cat

5. Why do the boys' mothers get upset with them?
(a) they didn't steal enough fruit
(b) they aren't in school
(c) they are stealing fruit
(d) they don't go to church

Short Answer Questions

1. Who sneaks out and covers Cosimo's tree with glue?

2. What does the Count say he's going to do with Cosimo's story?

3. What do the fruit boys learn from Cosimo?

4. How does Cosimo drink and bathe?

5. Why is Cosimo attempting to catch his uncle with the pirates?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why is Cosimo curious about Gian de Brughi?

2. Who is Sinforosa?

3. Why does Cosimo begin writing to authors of books he likes?

4. What do Cosimo's parents want to know about the men Cosimo enlisted for his project?

5. Why does Cosimo talk with the Abbe so much and what happens as the result?

6. How does Cosimo's first encounter with the fruit thieves happen?

7. What does Biagio do in the morning after his brother spent the first night in the trees?

8. What does Cosimo do when he sees the pirates unloading the boats and what happens as a result of his actions?

9. What does Cosimo's father request of him when he goes out to see him?

10. Why is Cosimo's mother nicknamed the Generalessa?

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