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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who collects the tithes from the people?
(a) the noble
(b) the actuary
(c) the sheriff
(d) the bailiff

2. Where does Ottimo Massimo go one day after sniffing the breeze?
(a) across a meadow
(b) to an apple orchard
(c) down the river
(d) to the ocean

3. What does he tell the vintners about the tithes that year?
(a) they can pay late
(b) the nobles will collect nothing
(c) they can spread the payment out
(d) they will double

4. What does Cosimo contribute to the secret ceremonies?
(a) nothing
(b) one to enrich farmers
(c) one to honor the rain
(d) one honoring trees

5. What do the girl and Cosimo decide before he leaves?
(a) that they would marry
(b) that the dog can stay with her
(c) to meet somewhere
(d) that Cosimo would visit her in a week

6. What do the nobles do in response to the collecting problem?
(a) hang one of every 20 people
(b) burn the village down
(c) lock themselves in their houses
(d) shoot Cosimo

7. What happened to the coats and hats of the French regiment?
(a) nothing happened to them
(b) they are torn up by the trees
(c) they begin to sprout moss and lichens
(d) they are covered in blood

8. What does Cosimo do that his mother enjoys?
(a) takes up soldiering
(b) marries a strong woman
(c) fetch her comforts
(d) brings his sister home

9. Why is a girl on a horse riding hard across the field for the trees?
(a) she has lost control of her horse
(b) she exercising her horse
(c) two men are chasing her
(d) she ran into a hornet's nest

10. How do the townspeople know Viola has left for a long absence?
(a) the dog is in the tree
(b) when Cosimo is in the ilex tree
(c) Cosimo quits talking
(d) they don't see her white horse

11. What noise does Cosimo have the people do in the distance surrounding the collection area?
(a) sword fighting sounds
(b) rocks banging together
(c) conch shells being blown
(d) pots and pans being hit on

12. What army came in and almost arrested Battista and her husband?
(a) the Republican army
(b) the English army
(c) the Austrian army
(d) the Italian army

13. How does the Austrian soldiers appear to Cosimo?
(a) clumsy
(b) kill happy
(c) well disciplined but with no woods knowledge
(d) organized and efficient

14. Why is Biagio called home?
(a) their mother's asthma has gotten much worse
(b) Cosimo has fallen from a tall tree
(c) his sister is ill
(d) Cosimo wants him to be Baron

15. How does it seem the girls who spend the night with Cosimo feel?
(a) baffled
(b) regretful
(c) like he took advantage of them
(d) like a once in a lifetime experience

Short Answer Questions

1. To what does Cosimo change the name of his newspaper by the end of Chapter 26?

2. What do the Spainish men sit upon in the trees?

3. What does Viola say Cosimo's idea of love is?

4. Why has Cosimo decided to help the townspeople with their tithes to the nobles?

5. Biagio says Cosimo and Viola's relationship works best when?

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