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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What type of government is established by the new army?
(a) dictatorship
(b) democracy
(c) monarchy
(d) a French styled government

2. How does Cosimo deal with the threat of the soldiers?
(a) with fun and ingenuity
(b) he ignores them
(c) with anger
(d) he kills them one by one

3. Who collects the tithes from the people?
(a) the actuary
(b) the bailiff
(c) the sheriff
(d) the noble

4. What happens to Cosimo when Viola leaves?
(a) nothing happens
(b) he takes leave of his senses
(c) he begins to act like a Baron
(d) he comes down from the trees

5. What does he tell the vintners about the tithes that year?
(a) the nobles will collect nothing
(b) they can spread the payment out
(c) they will double
(d) they can pay late

6. Why are the townspeople fascinated with his love life?
(a) life is boring in that town
(b) his ability to have one in the trees
(c) he is their Baron
(d) he's the most eligible bachelor

7. Why has Cosimo decided to help the townspeople with their tithes to the nobles?
(a) to get more money
(b) to have fun
(c) to support the cause of justice and fairness
(d) to show how much he loves them

8. What do the nobles do in response to the collecting problem?
(a) hang one of every 20 people
(b) shoot Cosimo
(c) burn the village down
(d) lock themselves in their houses

9. What does Biagio seem to indicate is the main reason for the Baron's death?
(a) his wife had died
(b) disappointment over life
(c) an old war injury
(d) the plague

10. How do the townspeople know Viola has left for a long absence?
(a) when Cosimo is in the ilex tree
(b) the dog is in the tree
(c) they don't see her white horse
(d) Cosimo quits talking

11. How does Biagio's story about the Cavalier's death differ from what happened?
(a) he doesn't say anything about the death
(b) it is completely false
(c) it is much simpler
(d) it is more complicated

12. Why is a girl on a horse riding hard across the field for the trees?
(a) she ran into a hornet's nest
(b) she exercising her horse
(c) two men are chasing her
(d) she has lost control of her horse

13. What happened to the coats and hats of the French regiment?
(a) nothing happened to them
(b) they begin to sprout moss and lichens
(c) they are torn up by the trees
(d) they are covered in blood

14. Who talks with Cosimo as an interpreter?
(a) Father Sulpicio de Guadalete
(b) he doesn't need one, he speaks Spainish
(c) Diego Sanchez Torio
(d) Abbe Fensi Buccali

15. Where does Ottimo Massimo go one day after sniffing the breeze?
(a) across a meadow
(b) to the ocean
(c) to an apple orchard
(d) down the river

Short Answer Questions

1. When Cosimo writes a treatise on living in the trees to whom does he send it?

2. Why does Cosimo keep the pirate's treasure a secret?

3. For what reason has Cosimo found that Ottimo Massimo does not come back often?

4. What is Cosimo's next project after Viola leaves?

5. What does Cosimo do that his mother enjoys?

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