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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What happens as the result of their argument?
(a) they get married
(b) Viola leaves and they never see each other again
(c) nothing, they go on as usual
(d) Cosimo moves into her house

2. What does Viola want Cosimo to allow?
(a) not getting married
(b) her frequent trips away
(c) having children
(d) her multiple lovers

3. For what reason does Cosimo protect the townspeople?
(a) compassion
(b) to fight the French
(c) for a fee
(d) to maintain his image

4. What does Cosimo do with the French soldiers?
(a) burns their gear
(b) joins their camp
(c) gives them fleas
(d) has birds drop on them

5. How has Viola being in the trees changed the atmosphere in the trees?
(a) Cosimo has made it more gracious
(b) it hasn't changed
(c) Cosimo spends less with the trees
(d) Viola has torn down the tent

6. What does Cosimo confess when Ursula's father asks about his intentions?
(a) he will marry her and come with them
(b) he is just a friend
(c) he doesn't know how he feels
(d) he loves her

7. What do the nobles do in response to the collecting problem?
(a) burn the village down
(b) hang one of every 20 people
(c) lock themselves in their houses
(d) shoot Cosimo

8. Why did Biagio climb into the trees when his brother was 65 years old?
(a) to ask him to come down
(b) to bring Viola there
(c) to bring him food
(d) to bring him a picture of Viola

9. Where does Ottimo Massimo go one day after sniffing the breeze?
(a) to the ocean
(b) across a meadow
(c) down the river
(d) to an apple orchard

10. How does the Austrian soldiers appear to Cosimo?
(a) organized and efficient
(b) clumsy
(c) kill happy
(d) well disciplined but with no woods knowledge

11. What do the townspeople begin to do to help Cosimo?
(a) listen to him rant
(b) write him poetry
(c) look for another woman for him
(d) bring him good food

12. What is one of the first things Viola and Cosimo talk about?
(a) the day of their separtion
(b) Viola's aunts
(c) the boy gang of thieves
(d) Cosimo's father

13. What does Biagio wish about his and his brother's ideas they had when they were young?
(a) that Viola would have had them
(b) that Biagio would have lived in the trees
(c) that they hadn't caused so much trouble
(d) that they would have been brought forward

14. Where does Cosimo leave the hot air balloon?
(a) in the mountains
(b) over his father's castle
(c) over the ocean
(d) in France

15. What do the townspeople call Cosimo?
(a) Landless Baron
(b) Homeless Baron
(c) Lord Baron
(d) Tree Baron

Short Answer Questions

1. What do the Spaniards keep doing about their situation?

2. Who comes back to Ombrosa with the troops?

3. How do the townspeople know Viola has left for a long absence?

4. What does Cosimo do when he sees the group?

5. What does he tell the vintners about the tithes that year?

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