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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who talks with Cosimo as an interpreter?
(a) Father Sulpicio de Guadalete
(b) he doesn't need one, he speaks Spainish
(c) Abbe Fensi Buccali
(d) Diego Sanchez Torio

2. Who collects the tithes from the people?
(a) the noble
(b) the actuary
(c) the bailiff
(d) the sheriff

3. What man returns to the town in a dream Cosimo has?
(a) Napoleon
(b) the Abbe
(c) his father
(d) Battista's husband

4. What do Cosimo and Prince Andrej find they have in common?
(a) ideals by which they live
(b) liking to live in trees
(c) a great, great uncle on his father's side
(d) not having a girlfriend

5. What is the girl doing while she and Cosimo are talking?
(a) ordering the servants around
(b) wading in a pond
(c) grooming her horse
(d) petting the dog

6. What do the townspeople begin to do to help Cosimo?
(a) write him poetry
(b) bring him good food
(c) listen to him rant
(d) look for another woman for him

7. In what languages do Cosimo and Prince Andrej converse?
(a) Italian and French
(b) Russian and Italian
(c) Russian and French
(d) English and Italian

8. Why does he help the French lay out roads?
(a) to save the farms
(b) for something to do
(c) for a wage
(d) to protect the trees

9. What does Cosimo do when he sees the group?
(a) throws rocks at them
(b) greets them politely
(c) hits them with tree limbs
(d) ignores them

10. Who comes back to Ombrosa with the troops?
(a) Viola
(b) Father Sulpico
(c) Battista
(d) Biagio

11. Why are the young men fleeing into the woods?
(a) to avoid conscription
(b) to find food for their families
(c) to avoid taxes
(d) to fight against the army

12. How does Cosimo deal with the threat of the soldiers?
(a) with anger
(b) he ignores them
(c) he kills them one by one
(d) with fun and ingenuity

13. What do the Spaniards keep doing about their situation?
(a) nothing
(b) collect weapons
(c) draft letters of appeal to their sovereign
(d) build an army

14. What does Biagio seem to indicate is the main reason for the Baron's death?
(a) disappointment over life
(b) the plague
(c) an old war injury
(d) his wife had died

15. Why does Cosimo keep the pirate's treasure a secret?
(a) so the colliers will be able to take it
(b) so his uncle isn't thought bad of
(c) so the pirates will come back
(d) so he can live off the food for years

Short Answer Questions

1. What does he tell the vintners about the tithes that year?

2. What is the girl doing when Cosimo arrives at the garden?

3. Why has Father Don Sulpico reappeared in the area?

4. Where does Biagio go for a year?

5. Why did Biagio climb into the trees when his brother was 65 years old?

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