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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What man returns to the town in a dream Cosimo has?
(a) Battista's husband
(b) his father
(c) the Abbe
(d) Napoleon

2. How does the Austrian soldiers appear to Cosimo?
(a) clumsy
(b) kill happy
(c) organized and efficient
(d) well disciplined but with no woods knowledge

3. What has Cosimo told the Spaniards is his reason for staying in the trees?
(a) he has no home
(b) he likes living above the ground
(c) he would be arrested if he came down
(d) it's his chosen form of protest

4. Why do the townspeople raise a bed in the trees for Cosimo?
(a) so he would live longer
(b) Biagio thought he'd like their father's bed
(c) his health is failing
(d) as payment fo his kindness

5. How does Cosimo deal with the threat of the soldiers?
(a) with fun and ingenuity
(b) he kills them one by one
(c) he ignores them
(d) with anger

6. For what reason does Cosimo protect the townspeople?
(a) for a fee
(b) compassion
(c) to fight the French
(d) to maintain his image

7. What does Cosimo see hope for in his dream?
(a) the trees would stay forever
(b) the common people would be fed
(c) his constitution would be used
(d) war would end

8. What is one of the first things Viola and Cosimo talk about?
(a) the boy gang of thieves
(b) Viola's aunts
(c) Cosimo's father
(d) the day of their separtion

9. What does Cosimo do to the Austrian soldiers?
(a) gives them fleas
(b) pours water in their sleeping bags
(c) lures them into traps
(d) throws their clothes in the river

10. What does Biagio wish about his and his brother's ideas they had when they were young?
(a) that they would have been brought forward
(b) that Biagio would have lived in the trees
(c) that Viola would have had them
(d) that they hadn't caused so much trouble

11. How does Biagio's story about the Cavalier's death differ from what happened?
(a) it is much simpler
(b) he doesn't say anything about the death
(c) it is more complicated
(d) it is completely false

12. How does Cosimo spend his time?
(a) looking for another dog for a pet
(b) looking for a wife
(c) protecting the underdog
(d) reading books in German

13. What does he tell the vintners about the tithes that year?
(a) they can pay late
(b) they will double
(c) they can spread the payment out
(d) the nobles will collect nothing

14. How do the townspeople feel about Cosimo and Viola's relationship?
(a) it's too public
(b) it's an ideal match
(c) it will never last
(d) it's weird

15. What color are Ursula's eyes?
(a) green
(b) amber
(c) brown
(d) the color of periwinkles

Short Answer Questions

1. Where does Ottimo Massimo go one day after sniffing the breeze?

2. What role does Cosimo slip into with the Spaniards?

3. What does Cosimo do when he can't get a woman for the night?

4. Why did Biagio climb into the trees when his brother was 65 years old?

5. What is the girl doing when Cosimo arrives at the garden?

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