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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where is Cosimo spending much of winter?
(a) near his brother's home
(b) in his sleeping bag
(c) at Viola's old garden
(d) in the tallest tree around

2. What happened to the coats and hats of the French regiment?
(a) nothing happened to them
(b) they are torn up by the trees
(c) they begin to sprout moss and lichens
(d) they are covered in blood

3. How does Cosimo hitch a ride on a hot air balloon?
(a) he jumped in the basket from the top of a tree
(b) grabbed the anchor rope from the trees
(c) a sit was lowered to him
(d) Biagio threw him into it

4. Why has Cosimo decided to help the townspeople with their tithes to the nobles?
(a) to have fun
(b) to support the cause of justice and fairness
(c) to show how much he loves them
(d) to get more money

5. What does Viola say Cosimo's idea of love is?
(a) very narrow
(b) old fashion
(c) mixed up
(d) too loose

6. Who has written Father Sulpicio about revolutionary ideas?
(a) the church
(b) Cosimo's mother
(c) the Abbe
(d) Cosimo's younger brother

7. What do the townspeople begin to do to help Cosimo?
(a) write him poetry
(b) look for another woman for him
(c) listen to him rant
(d) bring him good food

8. What does Cosimo claim to be to the group?
(a) a Freemason
(b) a monk
(c) a married man
(d) an atheist

9. What does Cosimo confess when Ursula's father asks about his intentions?
(a) he is just a friend
(b) he doesn't know how he feels
(c) he will marry her and come with them
(d) he loves her

10. What does Cosimo do to the Austrian soldiers?
(a) pours water in their sleeping bags
(b) lures them into traps
(c) throws their clothes in the river
(d) gives them fleas

11. Cosimo says love is best served when what is allowed?
(a) each to remain themselves
(b) when they have children
(c) when the man is in charge
(d) when it is a monogamy

12. Who talks with Cosimo as an interpreter?
(a) he doesn't need one, he speaks Spainish
(b) Father Sulpicio de Guadalete
(c) Abbe Fensi Buccali
(d) Diego Sanchez Torio

13. What is the girl doing while she and Cosimo are talking?
(a) petting the dog
(b) ordering the servants around
(c) wading in a pond
(d) grooming her horse

14. What do the nobles do in response to the collecting problem?
(a) shoot Cosimo
(b) burn the village down
(c) lock themselves in their houses
(d) hang one of every 20 people

15. What man returns to the town in a dream Cosimo has?
(a) his father
(b) the Abbe
(c) Napoleon
(d) Battista's husband

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Cosimo do when he can't get a woman for the night?

2. Why are the young men fleeing into the woods?

3. What happens when a jealous suitor goes after Cosimo?

4. What happens as the result of their argument?

5. What does Viola want Cosimo to allow?

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