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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where does Biagio go for a year?
(a) to the King's court
(b) to his sister's
(c) to a resort
(d) traveling

2. Why did Biagio climb into the trees when his brother was 65 years old?
(a) to ask him to come down
(b) to bring him a picture of Viola
(c) to bring him food
(d) to bring Viola there

3. What does he tell the vintners about the tithes that year?
(a) the nobles will collect nothing
(b) they can spread the payment out
(c) they can pay late
(d) they will double

4. What does Cosimo contribute to the secret ceremonies?
(a) one to honor the rain
(b) one honoring trees
(c) nothing
(d) one to enrich farmers

5. Why does Cosimo keep the pirate's treasure a secret?
(a) so the colliers will be able to take it
(b) so his uncle isn't thought bad of
(c) so the pirates will come back
(d) so he can live off the food for years

6. What does Viola do when she thinks she's not important enough to Cosimo?
(a) won't let him speak to her
(b) cries
(c) slaps him
(d) withdraws her affection

7. In what languages do Cosimo and Prince Andrej converse?
(a) English and Italian
(b) Italian and French
(c) Russian and French
(d) Russian and Italian

8. Where does Ottimo Massimo go one day after sniffing the breeze?
(a) to an apple orchard
(b) to the ocean
(c) across a meadow
(d) down the river

9. What does Viola want Cosimo to allow?
(a) her multiple lovers
(b) having children
(c) her frequent trips away
(d) not getting married

10. What does Biagio wish about his and his brother's ideas they had when they were young?
(a) that Viola would have had them
(b) that they would have been brought forward
(c) that Biagio would have lived in the trees
(d) that they hadn't caused so much trouble

11. How does the Austrian soldiers appear to Cosimo?
(a) well disciplined but with no woods knowledge
(b) clumsy
(c) organized and efficient
(d) kill happy

12. What role does Cosimo slip into with the Spaniards?
(a) a teacher
(b) a bringer of revolution
(c) a favorite son
(d) a protector

13. How does Cosimo spend his time?
(a) looking for another dog for a pet
(b) looking for a wife
(c) reading books in German
(d) protecting the underdog

14. When Cosimo writes a treatise on living in the trees to whom does he send it?
(a) the Abbe
(b) Prince Frederick
(c) Viola
(d) Diderot

15. Biagio says Cosimo and Viola's relationship works best when?
(a) when it is mutually adventuresome
(b) when she is tired
(c) when he is telling stories
(d) when the dog is around

Short Answer Questions

1. What has Cosimo told the Spaniards is his reason for staying in the trees?

2. What do the nobles do in response to the collecting problem?

3. How do the townspeople feel about Cosimo and Viola's relationship?

4. What do the townspeople call Cosimo?

5. What army came in and almost arrested Battista and her husband?

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