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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Cosimo want his brother to prove he can be trusted?
(a) to give him food everyday
(b) to talk to Viola
(c) to sneak things for making a shelter
(d) to steal some jewelery from their mother

2. What does Cosimo tell the townspeople?
(a) the boys are afraid of him
(b) he is not stealing
(c) he knows the way home
(d) there is no reward

3. What bothers Cosimo most about fig trees?
(a) they are too short
(b) they smell
(c) they have too many birds
(d) they're so sticky

4. How does Cosimo get a winter coat?
(a) Viola gave him one
(b) he stole it
(c) his mother sent one to him
(d) he made it from animals he'd killed

5. Why is Cosimo attempting to catch his uncle with the pirates?
(a) he thinks he's a traitor
(b) he wants to tell his father
(c) he wants a share of the cut
(d) he thinks it's exciting

6. What does Cosimo's father give him?
(a) better clothes
(b) his sword
(c) a new knife
(d) a bow and arrows

7. What kind of talent does Battista have?
(a) fencing
(b) weaving beautiful blankets
(c) painting portraits
(d) preparing rodents and animals for eating

8. What do the townspeople do when Cosimo tells them of the cave?
(a) tell him not to wake them up
(b) call the army
(c) go to take the treasure
(d) go to arrest the Cavalier

9. What does the Baron do when an important family visits?
(a) asks them to see if he'll come down for them
(b) takes them to the family estate away from Cosimo
(c) tries to keep Cosimo hidden
(d) asks them to take Cosimo to Paris

10. What does Cosimo build in the trees for his books?
(a) a protected bookcase
(b) a new wooden dwelling
(c) nothing
(d) a hanging waterproof basket

11. What kind of plants does Cosimo find in a neighbor's garden?
(a) tropical plants
(b) from all over the world
(c) nut trees
(d) tomato plants

12. What do the burglars who tried to use Gian do to Cosimo?
(a) kidnapped his brother
(b) set his tree on fire
(c) stole his tent
(d) killed his dog

13. What does Cosimo decide to build?
(a) barrels of water high in the trees
(b) a new tree house
(c) a zip line system in the trees
(d) walkways between trees

14. Where does Cosimo go when he is sent from the table for not eating?
(a) to the church
(b) holm oak in the back yard
(c) to town
(d) to his room

15. Why is Cosimo curious about the thieve, Gian de Brughi?
(a) he wants to capture him for the fame
(b) he wants to know what it's like to be famous
(c) he wants to learn how to steal
(d) he's been blamed for many robberies

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Sinforosa do for the band of little boys?

2. What does Cosimo do when the Abbe Fauchelefleur passes below him?

3. Why do the men from town ask Cosimo to come down?

4. How does Cosimo's mother communicate with him?

5. What did Cosimo do on Sundays with his family?

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