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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What kind of talent does Battista have?
(a) fencing
(b) preparing rodents and animals for eating
(c) painting portraits
(d) weaving beautiful blankets

2. Why do the boys' mothers get upset with them?
(a) they aren't in school
(b) they are stealing fruit
(c) they didn't steal enough fruit
(d) they don't go to church

3. How does the Count that visits feel about Cosimo's life?
(a) that their son should join him
(b) that it's silly
(c) fascinated and impressed
(d) that he'll out grow it

4. What does Cosimo's father yell out to him at dinner?
(a) if he doesn't come down he will starve
(b) he is forgiven
(c) Biagio will be confined to the house
(d) he will be sent to prison

5. Who helps Cosimo with his plans?
(a) the Abbe
(b) the Cavalier
(c) his mother
(d) Viola

6. What does Cosimo say about resuming his education?
(a) he won't do it
(b) he will teach himself
(c) he will come home in the fall
(d) he's willing to do it

7. How do the boys who steal fruit react to Cosimo at first?
(a) set a trap for him
(b) toss him out of the trees
(c) they're indifferent
(d) think he's wonderful

8. What does the Cavalier do for the Baron?
(a) protect his wife
(b) protect his land
(c) control the peasants
(d) keep his books

9. What bothers Cosimo most about fig trees?
(a) they have too many birds
(b) they smell
(c) they're so sticky
(d) they are too short

10. Who watches Viola closely at her house?
(a) her mother
(b) her father
(c) her older sister
(d) her aunts

11. Why is Biagio worried about Cosimo the night his father spoke with him?
(a) his father is blaming Biagio
(b) it's the first rainstorm since Cosimo left
(c) his father is calling the magistrate
(d) Biagio is seeing ghosts at home

12. How does Sinforosa get around the village?
(a) in a carriage
(b) she walks
(c) on a white horse
(d) she swings through the trees

13. Why does Cosimo believe olive trees are great for climbing?
(a) their branches are close together
(b) they have good traction
(c) they smell nice
(d) they have small leaves

14. What do the townspeople do when Cosimo tells them of the cave?
(a) tell him not to wake them up
(b) go to take the treasure
(c) go to arrest the Cavalier
(d) call the army

15. Why to thieves drag Gian de Brughi from his hiding place?
(a) for the reward money
(b) to make him commit a robery
(c) so he can help them
(d) so he will be blamed for their crimes

Short Answer Questions

1. What does the Baron do when an important family visits?

2. How long were the brothers locked in their rooms for trying to rescue snails?

3. Why is Cosimo attempting to catch his uncle with the pirates?

4. Who follows Viola when she goes riding on her horse?

5. What does Cosimo kill that has come up the tree where he is?

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