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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Sinforosa do for the band of little boys?
(a) gives them biscuits and wine
(b) tells them where to sleep at night
(c) gives them cast off clothing
(d) tells them where the ripe fruit is

2. What does Cosimo conclude after studying Gian de Brughi's life and the stories about him?
(a) he would have to be very old
(b) other thieves just use his name
(c) he doesn't exist
(d) he would have to use the trees to get away

3. What do Cosimo and his dog wait patiently for?
(a) animals to hunt
(b) the boys in the gang
(c) Viola to come home
(d) his brother to visit

4. What do the pirates do to the Cavalier?
(a) give him money
(b) carry him away
(c) beat him up
(d) kill him

5. Why do the men from town ask Cosimo to come down?
(a) to take him home
(b) so they can collect a reward
(c) so he won't be attacked by the fruit boys
(d) so he can be punished for stealing fruit

6. How does Cosimo's family receive the news of his popularity?
(a) enthusiastically
(b) with indifference
(c) sadly
(d) with anger

7. How does Cosimo defend himself against a suggest of trespass in the garden?
(a) says his mother knows the owner
(b) says he is visiting
(c) says he hasn't crossed the wall
(d) says he hasn't actually put his foot on the ground

8. What does Biagio offer Cosimo as an apology?
(a) a blanket
(b) some water
(c) some wine
(d) a pie

9. What does Cosimo tell the townspeople?
(a) he knows the way home
(b) there is no reward
(c) the boys are afraid of him
(d) he is not stealing

10. What does Cosimo tell Viola the next time he sees her?
(a) he loves her
(b) he has joined the band of boys
(c) his mother wants him to come home
(d) he will never leave the trees

11. Why can Cosimo move from tree to tree?
(a) Cosimo can jump long distances
(b) there are zip lines between the trees
(c) there are rope bridges
(d) they are mature and grow close together

12. What bothers Cosimo most about fig trees?
(a) they have too many birds
(b) they're so sticky
(c) they are too short
(d) they smell

13. Who is the narrator of this book?
(a) Cosimo's mother
(b) Cosimo's father
(c) Battista, Cosimo's sister
(d) Biagio, Cosimo's brother

14. What does his uncle do when the pirates beginning running away?
(a) he runs with them
(b) he kills the leader
(c) he climbs Cosimo's tree
(d) he tries to escape too

15. What kind of plants does Cosimo find in a neighbor's garden?
(a) from all over the world
(b) tropical plants
(c) nut trees
(d) tomato plants

Short Answer Questions

1. What is Cosimo's reply about running with the boy gang?

2. What job does Cosimo do for local growers?

3. What kind of talent does Battista have?

4. What does Cosimo build in the trees for his books?

5. Why does the Baron scold Cosimo?

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