The Baron in the Trees Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. With what important meal does the book open with?

The first chapter of the book opens with Cosimo and his family sitting down to the last meal Cosimo will eat on the ground for the rest of his life.

2. Why is Cosimo's mother nicknamed the Generalessa?

She is up the daughter of a General, spending all of her time memorizing battles in the Wars of Succession.

3. How does Cosimo's mother and father try to get him to come down from the trees and what does Biagio do?

The Generalessa has gotten over her initial panic, and she and the Baron decide to take a nonchalant stroll through the garden so they might ignore Cosimo and thereby antagonize him out of the trees. The most helpful affect of their stroll is that it allows Biagio to lay out the geography of the trees into which Cosimo has climbed.

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