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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 29.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Biagio's story about the Cavalier's death differ from what happened?
(a) it is completely false
(b) it is more complicated
(c) he doesn't say anything about the death
(d) it is much simpler

2. What does Cosimo challenge the Father to do?
(a) a sword duel
(b) have a fist fight
(c) settle their dispute
(d) tell him more of the church

3. How does Cosimo get a winter coat?
(a) he made it from animals he'd killed
(b) Viola gave him one
(c) he stole it
(d) his mother sent one to him

4. What kind of talent does Battista have?
(a) painting portraits
(b) weaving beautiful blankets
(c) fencing
(d) preparing rodents and animals for eating

5. Why does Cosimo believe olive trees are great for climbing?
(a) their branches are close together
(b) they smell nice
(c) they have good traction
(d) they have small leaves

Short Answer Questions

1. Who comes back to Ombrosa with the troops?

2. What does Cosimo's family celebrate with a big affair?

3. Why does Viola leave?

4. Why do the men from town ask Cosimo to come down?

5. What is Cosimo first to discover about the trees?

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