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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 20.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who talks with Cosimo as an interpreter?
(a) Diego Sanchez Torio
(b) Abbe Fensi Buccali
(c) he doesn't need one, he speaks Spainish
(d) Father Sulpicio de Guadalete

2. Why do the boys' mothers get upset with them?
(a) they didn't steal enough fruit
(b) they don't go to church
(c) they are stealing fruit
(d) they aren't in school

3. What does Biagio offer Cosimo as an apology?
(a) some water
(b) a pie
(c) some wine
(d) a blanket

4. What does Cosimo suggest the Cavalier might do?
(a) get married
(b) go to court
(c) bring Cosimo some food
(d) design an irigation system

5. Why does Cosimo keep the pirate's treasure a secret?
(a) so his uncle isn't thought bad of
(b) so the colliers will be able to take it
(c) so the pirates will come back
(d) so he can live off the food for years

Short Answer Questions

1. Who watches Viola closely at her house?

2. Who does Cosimo begin correspondences with?

3. How does Cosimo drink and bathe?

4. What does Sinforosa do for the band of little boys?

5. Why is the children's teacher with Cosimo's family?

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