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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 20.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who talks with Cosimo as an interpreter?
(a) Diego Sanchez Torio
(b) Abbe Fensi Buccali
(c) Father Sulpicio de Guadalete
(d) he doesn't need one, he speaks Spainish

2. How does Cosimo's mother communicate with him?
(a) flag signals
(b) screaming up at the tree
(c) sending village boys with notes
(d) through a bull horn

3. How does Cosimo drink and bathe?
(a) with rainwater
(b) he has a hose from the ground
(c) his brother brings him pails from the well
(d) hauling buckets from the river

4. What does Cosimo confess when Ursula's father asks about his intentions?
(a) he doesn't know how he feels
(b) he will marry her and come with them
(c) he is just a friend
(d) he loves her

5. Who follows Viola when she goes riding on her horse?
(a) her aunts
(b) her older sister
(c) no one
(d) her brother

Short Answer Questions

1. Who sneaks out and covers Cosimo's tree with glue?

2. What color are Ursula's eyes?

3. What does Biagio do when he goes to bed that night?

4. What does Viola offer Cosimo before she goes in the house?

5. What does Biagio seem to indicate is the main reason for the Baron's death?

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