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This is where Cosimo makes a home.

Viola's swing

This is what first provides Cosimo and Viola the opportunity to play without it being necessary for Cosimo to come down.

The Piovasco Estate

It is from the windows of this that Cosimo's family watch him conducting his life in the trees.

Generalessa's Implements of War and Spying

The Generalessa spends long hours tracking her son's location with these and marking it on a map.

Cosimo's Leaving-Home Clothes

The thing that sets Cosimo immediately apart from the other boys who spend time in the trees is that Cosimo leaves home still dressed in this.

The Ondarivas' Garden

Cosimo is first attracted to this place in which he encounters Viola because it is so filled with plants and trees from far off places.


The Spanish exiles Cosimo hears about in town live in the trees here.



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