The Baron in the Trees Character Descriptions

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Baron Cosimo Piovasco di Rondo

This character takes to living in the trees in order to live his life in the way he determines is best. He enters them because he can no longer abide life in his household.

Biagio Piovasco di Rondo

He is Cosimo's younger brother and the narrator of the story. He is, in the boys' early youth, Cosimo's partner in adventure and meting out of justice.

Violante Ondariva

She is next door neighbor to the Piovasco family, growing up the apparent only child of wealthy, land-owning parents and doted on by a flurrying cloud of aunts.

Baron Arminio Piovasco di Rondo

Cosimo's father, is a man unable to wrap his mind around the changes that come about as a result of the Wars of Succession, and hopes always to see his land-owning status as Duke of Ombrosa restored.

Baroness Corradina di Rondo, the Generalessa

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