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Suzanne Weyn
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does the old woman whom Kayla encounters do?
(a) Checks Kayla's wrist.
(b) Slaps Kayla awake.
(c) Gives Kayla antidote for the poisonous berries Kayla ate.
(d) Gives Kayla a survival kit.

2. What is the reason for Kayla's actions when comes upon a stream?
(a) She has no idea.
(b) She wants to get the blood off her so dogs can't smell her.
(c) She remembers seeing a documentary on doing it
(d) She needs to cool down.

3. Where does Eutonah's group live?
(a) In a network of caves.
(b) In an abandoned ski resort.
(c) Scattered throughout the forest.
(d) In the catacombs under New York City.

4. What was August told to do by his employers?
(a) Quit school and live at the facility.
(b) Lie to investigators.
(c) Keep a record of anyone who seems suspicious at work.
(d) Deliberately skew some test results.

5. Where does Kayla see Zekeal?
(a) In a police car.
(b) In a vision.
(c) Coming out of a grocery store.
(d) Coming out of a library.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Katie say runs in her family?

2. Into what does Tova crash the car?

3. Why did Katie say she does not have a tattoo?

4. For what does Kayla exchange her hospital gown?

5. What does Kayla suddenly realize about the woods?

Short Essay Questions

1. Where are Mava and Tova moving? How does the move affect Kayla's plans?

2. What does Nedra say about Mfume in a letter to the editor?

3. Where is Mfumbe staying? What is discussed by Mfumbe and Kayla at breakfast?

4. How does Kayla explain her need to use the e-card to the waitress in the diner?

5. What did Mava's and Tova's daughter warn them about? Why did the daughter treat her mother at home instead of in the hospital?

6. What does Kayla find as she follows a stream in the woods?

7. Where do Kayla and Mfumbe arrive after three weeks? What visions does Kayla have there?

8. What does Zekeal say Kayla should do?

9. What does Nedra say on television?

10. How do Kayla and Mfumbe get a ride heading north? Why do they eventually have to give up the ride?

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