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Suzanne Weyn
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who does Kayla see on the trail on her way to Eutonah?
(a) Zekeal.
(b) Nedra.
(c) Drake.
(d) Ashley.

2. What happens when Kayla is fired upon?
(a) Kayla is hit but can still run.
(b) Mava screams and falls to the ground.
(c) Mava pushes the gun out of the cop's hand.
(d) The cops all miss her.

3. Why does the other patient in Kayla's hospital room fall to the floor?
(a) The woman trips over a cart a nurse left in the room.
(b) She does not fall; she is pushed to the floor.
(c) The woman begins having convulsions.
(d) The woman stands up too fast.

4. Where does Kayla finally fall asleep?
(a) In the woods.
(b) In the basement of the hospital.
(c) At her home.
(d) In the hospital's parking garage.

5. What is Mfumbe doing while Kayla searches for him?
(a) Weeding the garden.
(b) Playing the guitar.
(c) Washing clothes.
(d) Sleeping.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does August remove his tattoo?

2. What does Mava invite Kayla to do?

3. Where does Eutonah's group live?

4. What happens when Kayla starts to run away from the wreck?

5. What does Kayla do when she hears a door open?

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