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Suzanne Weyn
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where is Kayla when a plane flies overhead and drops bombs?
(a) At home.
(b) At school.
(c) At the library.
(d) In a vision.

2. What does Amber have that Kayla does not?
(a) Gorgeous looks.
(b) A bar code tattoo.
(c) Lots of money.
(d) A supportive family.

3. Why does Kayla take the job there?
(a) She will get a discount.
(b) She loves the products they sell.
(c) It is the only place that will hire her without a tattoo.
(d) Environmental issues are really important to her.

4. Amber argues in favor of ___________________.
(a) Mfumbe as a boyfriend.
(b) Having her grandparents convince her parents to sign the applications.
(c) The tattoo.
(d) Going to film school instead of a traditional college.

5. What law does the government pass?
(a) Those who refuse to be tattooed may not work in any critical-service field.
(b) Everyone must have a tattoo.
(c) No one can suffer discrimination as a result of refusing to be tattooed.
(d) Everyone must be genetically tested regardless of whether they have a bar code or not.

6. What school does Kayla want to attend?
(a) Architect school.
(b) Film school.
(c) Art school.
(d) Pharmacy school.

7. Whom does Amber know in Nevada?
(a) A cousin.
(b) No one.
(c) Her best friend from elementary school.
(d) Her great-grandmother.

8. What does Kayla find when she returns to the kitchen after throwing up?
(a) Her mother has slit her wrists.
(b) Her mother is being handcuffed.
(c) Her brother is choking their mother.
(d) Her mother is on fire.

9. Why is a particular character in the story residing at the Route Nine Motor Inn?
(a) The person is unemployed.
(b) The person manages the motel.
(c) The person has been evicted from their home.
(d) The person is evading the law.

10. What does Kayla realize will happen if she gets a tattoo?
(a) She will not have to run anymore.
(b) Zekeal will love her.
(c) Her future is over.
(d) She will at least be able to function in society.

11. To what does the newspaper article attribute Joseph Reed's death?
(a) Depression about being passed over for promotion.
(b) Not having gone to a doctor in a number of years.
(c) Being drunk and falling in the water.
(d) Breathing poor air in the mines.

12. From what illness did Kayla's paternal grandmother suffer?
(a) Multiple Sclerosis.
(b) Bipolar disorder.
(c) ALS.
(d) Schizophrenia.

13. Who works at the place where Amber and Kayla agree to meet?
(a) Gene.
(b) Kayla's uncle.
(c) Amber's father.
(d) Zekeal.

14. What does Kayla suggest for her and Amber to do?
(a) Find out if the thrift shop will hire Amber.
(b) Drive to Denver.
(c) Find a place to live together.
(d) Drive to Las Vegas.

15. What does Kayla suggest are related?
(a) Cloning and the religious right.
(b) Tattooing and the Bull market.
(c) Cloning and tattooing.
(d) Tattooing and the radical left.

Short Answer Questions

1. For whose death does Zekeal offer condolences to Kayla?

2. What does Kayla discover when she gets to work?

3. What does Mfumbe Taylor do when Kayla is still in the stairwell?

4. What does Kayla do in the vision she has at Zekeal's place?

5. Whose killing is reported by the newspaper?

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