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Suzanne Weyn
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why are Amber's parents fighting when Kayla arrives at Amber's house?
(a) They are fighting over where Amber will go to college.
(b) Amber's mother wants Amber to stop seeing Kayla and her father doesn't want that..
(c) They have been denied a home loan.
(d) Amber's mother wants to take a vacation.

2. What law does the government pass?
(a) Those who refuse to be tattooed may not work in any critical-service field.
(b) No one can suffer discrimination as a result of refusing to be tattooed.
(c) Everyone must be genetically tested regardless of whether they have a bar code or not.
(d) Everyone must have a tattoo.

3. What else happens when someone gets the tattoo?
(a) An iris imprinting.
(b) A microchip is implanted.
(c) A full-body scan.
(d) A blood test.

4. Based on his genetic profile, what was one medical predisposition Kayla's father had?
(a) ALS.
(b) Hodgkin's disease.
(c) Heart disease.
(d) Mental illness.

5. What does Kayla realize will happen if she gets a tattoo?
(a) She will at least be able to function in society.
(b) Her future is over.
(c) She will not have to run anymore.
(d) Zekeal will love her.

6. Who or what is at Kayla's house when she gets home?
(a) A crowd of people.
(b) Mfumbe.
(c) A fire truck.
(d) Amber.

7. What is the name of Kayla's high school?
(a) Art and Culinary Magnet School.
(b) Stanton.
(c) Jones IB School.
(d) Winfrey.

8. Where does August suggest the group might meet up if they have to leave their homes?
(a) Buffalo.
(b) Cape May.
(c) Lake Placid.
(d) Freeport.

9. What is Zekeal's explanation for the email?
(a) It was sent to him in error.
(b) He hopes to subvert Tattoo Gen from the inside.
(c) He is a double agent.
(d) He was planning to tell Kayla.

10. When does Kayla have another vision?
(a) While cleaning bloodstains in the bathroom.
(b) While sleeping.
(c) At her tattoo party.
(d) At her father's funeral.

11. Why are Amber's parents feeling stressed about a planned move?
(a) They are moving into an area that is considered unsafe.
(b) They don't have enough money for the moving costs.
(c) They now have nowhere to live.
(d) They want to buy new furnishings but do not have the money.

12. Why does Kayla decide not to have the tattoo?
(a) Her boyfriend convinced her to wait.
(b) She's afraid of infection.
(c) She is angry with Amber.
(d) Because of her vision.

13. What is Zekeal reading when Kayla gets to his apartment?
(a) A manual on passive resistance.
(b) A manual for Tattoo Gen.
(c) A manual on building Molotov cocktails.
(d) Her father's file.

14. How is the killing justified?
(a) The deceased reached towards the glove box of his car.
(b) The deceased deserved it.
(c) Drake reached into his pocket.
(d) The deceased was pointing a gun at the killer(s).

15. According to Amber, what does not hurt?
(a) The tattoo.
(b) Researching options.
(c) Taking some time off after graduation.
(d) Cultivating the right people's friendship.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Amber have to go with her parents?

2. Why does Zekeal apologize to Kayla?

3. What does Kayla suggest are related?

4. Where is Kayla Reed at the beginning of the novel?

5. Why does Kayla take the job there?

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