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Suzanne Weyn
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Kayla find when she returns to the kitchen after throwing up?
(a) Her mother has slit her wrists.
(b) Her brother is choking their mother.
(c) Her mother is on fire.
(d) Her mother is being handcuffed.

2. What does Kayla realize will happen if she gets a tattoo?
(a) She will not have to run anymore.
(b) Her future is over.
(c) She will at least be able to function in society.
(d) Zekeal will love her.

3. According to the newspaper's story, why was the person killed?
(a) He created a ruckus about tattoos.
(b) His wife thought he was cheating.
(c) Her husband was angry and killed her.
(d) He was in the line of fire for another target.

4. What has Amber done concerning Kayla?
(a) Told Kayla's parents that Kayla plans to run away.
(b) Told the authorities Kayla is avoiding applying for a bar code.
(c) Applied for a bar code tattoo for Kayla.
(d) Told Kayla they can no longer be friends.

5. What does Kayla reveal that she learned?
(a) About a resistance group in Nevada.
(b) About the government's push to deport people who are not tattooed.
(c) About her father's file.
(d) About a resistance group in the mountains of Colorado.

6. Where does Zekeal take Kayla after seeing her at the location in question fifty-seven?
(a) To the post office.
(b) To his house.
(c) To a secret meeting.
(d) To her home.

7. How does Kayla's father supposedly die?
(a) Cancer.
(b) Heart attack.
(c) Accidental drowning.
(d) Suicide.

8. What does Kayla suggest are related?
(a) Cloning and tattooing.
(b) Tattooing and the radical left.
(c) Tattooing and the Bull market.
(d) Cloning and the religious right.

9. Based on his genetic profile, what was one medical predisposition Kayla's father had?
(a) Heart disease.
(b) ALS.
(c) Mental illness.
(d) Hodgkin's disease.

10. Whose killing is reported by the newspaper?
(a) Amber's father.
(b) One of Kayla's classmates.
(c) Gene Drake.
(d) The President.

11. Whom does Amber know in Nevada?
(a) No one.
(b) Her best friend from elementary school.
(c) Her great-grandmother.
(d) A cousin.

12. Why does Amber have to go with her parents?
(a) She is still a minor.
(b) She has to watch her younger siblings while they look for jobs.
(c) They have to use her barcode for expenses.
(d) Her mother is very ill.

13. Why does Kayla take the job there?
(a) Environmental issues are really important to her.
(b) She loves the products they sell.
(c) It is the only place that will hire her without a tattoo.
(d) She will get a discount.

14. What is Zekeal's explanation for the email?
(a) It was sent to him in error.
(b) He hopes to subvert Tattoo Gen from the inside.
(c) He is a double agent.
(d) He was planning to tell Kayla.

15. How does Zekeal help Kayla when he arrives at her house?
(a) He moves the living room furniture.
(b) He hacks back into her father's file.
(c) He bathes her dog.
(d) He finishes her calculus homework.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does David Young resign from his political position?

2. What does Amber give Kayla at school?

3. According to Ashley, what is happening to the healthy babies at the hospital?

4. In what year does Kayla's father die?

5. What is the consequence of Amber's father's defective tattoo?

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