The Bar Code Tattoo Fun Activities

Suzanne Weyn
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Psychic Powers

Research the range of known psychic powers and decide which one you would choose to have. Explain your choice.

Kayla's Journey

Draw a map tracing Kayla's flight from the law and mark where the major events occurred.

Bar Code Tattoo

Draw a picture of the bar code tattoo that would be on your arm if you accepted one.


List three pros and three cons to having yourself cloned.

Magazine Reporter

Write ten questions that you would ask Kayla during an interview for a national magazine.

Character Match

Choose a character from the story. Dress, speak, and act like that character during class.

Write a Letter

Write a letter from Mrs. Reed to Kayla telling what she would like Kayla to know in the event of her death.

Trivia Game

Create a trivia game based on The Bar Code Tattoo using categories from the book, such...

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